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Soul Connect Online Community

Soul Connect

Online Community For Awakened Souls

Where ever you find yourself in the world, I invite you to join a community of awakened souls, a sacred circle - Soul Connect.
A space to celebrate our uniqueness and the many gifts we hold, where we all can learn about each other and more about ourselves.
A sanctuary where you are supported and seen for who you are.
An online circle of awakened like-minded souls, a safe and welcoming community discussing Spirituality, Awakening, Ascension,
and Metaphysical topics.

No matter where you are on your spiritual path - all are welcome.

See you there.

Want to know more about the Soul Connect Circle?
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Who Is It For?

This circle is for those who want to focus on their Spiritual Development, as a multi-dimensional soul in a safe and encouraging space within a community of awakened souls.

Those who seek guidance and are searching for answers about their own path, those who have felt isolated due to their awakening and can gain knowledge from someone who has walked the same path. 

What Can You Expect?

Each Circle is different, we will discuss various spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric subject matters.

A high vibrational and transformative space to expand your consciousness and develop skills that you already have within you.

We will end each circle with a short closing meditation to assist you in grounding and integrating healing. 



Circle classes are delivered by Zoom and occur monthly on the second Tuesday of every month

No locked-in contracts or commitments, purchase tickets as you need.

Circle Fees are for the investment of $44AUD, and must be purchased before the session

Sales are final - no refunds if you are unable to attend.


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