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My Story

Claire's innate passion for healing has travelled with her through numerous lifetimes. An ingrained part of who she is and her firm belief this natural gift of healing is to be shared with the collective consciousness and one that is complementary to western medicine. It is a presence, and part of her that is no longer denied. The heat in the palms, even speaking about it, is a soul-level confirmation. It feels like I am home.

There is nothing more sacred to her than offering this gift of healing.

Healing provides many benefits, restores your health, and improves your well-being. When we encounter physical, emotional, or mental trauma with no way of release, it can later manifest in the body as energy blocks. The body may respond externally in many ways.

Claire trusts in her intuition and inner knowing when connecting with clients. She teaches, mentors, and guides them on their spiritual. Claire offers one-on-one sessions in the clinic or via distance. Each session is powerful and transforming. A time for the soul to speak while dedicating space for the healing to unfold, with support for the body, mind, and spirit and reconnecting you to your divine being, You.


Claire's fondness for healing has extended into writing topics on spirituality. A channel that allows her to heal herself and others through a union of words and energy. A published writer in this field, she offers further guidance through her own experiences for the collective in blogs, books, and courses.


What Happens During a Healing Session?

Each session is unique to the client. No two sessions are the same.

My training has given me certification in traditional Reiki. Modalities such as the Quan Yin method and Sekhem Healing are based on ancient Egyptian Healing. I have developed and adapted my training into my own unique method and also by letting my intuition guide me.

We say that we as healers do not heal you, and this is true, as the energy flows through me, and I am just the conduit. With the higher self and higher aspects sending the energy to go where it is intended.

In the healing session, you can expect a focus on Auras, the chakra system, pain, injuries, trauma, energy blocks, depression, and anxiety. Or you have had a spiritual awakening and you are unsure of your emotions, the gifts, and the way in which your life has changed and you need further support and guidance.

Once a session has concluded, we have a brief discussion, you have the opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity. We make sure you are grounded and ready to return to your day.

You may notice on the day of your healing a more restful sleep that evening, feeling rejuvenated, calm and relaxed. The body may express blocked emotions a day or two after, please allow this to happen and be gentle with yourself during the healing process.

Therapy Sessions are available via distance where ever you are in the world. In-clinic sessions in Sydney`s inner west (Erskineville) is by request. Please contact me directly for this service.


Connect with me to know more or click on the Book Now button below. 



If you have any questions, please get in touch.


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