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Courses Coming Soon Mid 2023

Courses will be announced shortly, see the list below for what will be on offer.

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I have been a student of the universe for a few years now. My own spiritual awakening opened my eyes to a new world. Through that experience, I became an energy healer.


With my holistic healing background, life experiences, and lessons, it is through my writing that I offer guidance in the written word. This path has guided me to now teach, support, and mentor others. I welcome you to join me in learning more about your soul-self.


Your gifts and abilities and your unique energy blueprint is to be shared with others who believe in the same outlook. 


No upcoming events at the moment
  • Soul Connect Online Community
  • Webinar - Body Mind and Spirit - TBC
  • Parents of Empath / HSP (highly sensitive children) Circle -TBC (2023)
  • Spiritual Awakening and Development Class - In person (Sydney, Australia) 
  • Psychic Development Course - E Module Course TBC Jan 2023
Register Your Interest in our Upcoming Courses and Webinars

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Thanks for registering. We will be in touch once the courses are announced.

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