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Soul Connect

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An online circle of awakened like-minded souls, a safe and welcoming community.

I hold space and host online weekly get-togethers discussing Spirituality, Awakening, Ascension, and Metaphysical topics.

No matter where you are on your spiritual path - all are welcome.

See you there.

More About Soul Connect

Hi Beloved Souls I`m Cee Cee

It is so great to connect with all of you.

Where ever you find yourself in the world, I would like to invite you to a community of awakened souls, a sacred circle - Soul Connect.


The mass awakening of our Ascension to the re-evolution of humanity has exploded in the last few years. With world events triggering the wake-up humanity is aligned to meet.  Reflecting on my own life experiences and connecting with my clients, we all are missing connections.


Becoming disconnected from ourselves, our societies, jobs, and families, and importantly the disconnect is on a soul level. It has never been intentional that it has happened, it has just been a circumstance and a reaction to the world we are living in now.


What is occurring now is a need to reconnect to others and ourselves. For an awakened soul, life will never be the same, we are not the same as what we were yesterday, last week, last month, or last year.


Our inner light, our soul that is the compass to our ascension and re-evolution is searching for more. To remember who we are, no longer holding on to who has been as we release what no longer serves us. Our compass the soul wants to find its way back home. It is not that we are lost, it is searching for a home because that is where it belongs. And, we want that feeling of belonging with other people who are awake, but also "get us" and see the world the way we see it. Not with hearts and souls that are closed to what surrounds us.


We look for others that we can discuss esoteric topics, galactic beings, elementals, arch angels, spirits, and souls of those passed on. Discussions that light us up but where we are held in a safe space to pour out our concerns, and ascension symptoms but also a space to celebrate our uniqueness, our gifts, and I hope Soul Connect with be a space where you can learn more about yourself.

What to expect from a Soul Connect Circle

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  • Soul Connect is  2 hours once a week for our souls to connect and build a soul family.

  • I hold space and assist you in grounding your early bodies to the earth and with the vibration and energy this space holds during the session.

  • Through the healing frequency, I offer, you will receive exactly what you need to fuel your spiritual fire and assist in repairing and releasing emotional layers in this safe space.

  • I listen, guide, and teach you what you need to become more of who you are through what I have learned and what has been taught to me.

  • Every week the circle discussion will be different, and so will the topics - it is a free space. Initially, I will have topics that I may be guided to share on the day until the circle grows and you may bring up something you want to talk about.

  • We will end each circle with a short closing meditation to assist you in 

  • Each circle, what you learn in these circles are part of your spiritual development. A vibrational transformation, expanding your consciousness and developing skills that you already have.

It is my hope and intention you may pass on the light you shine to others until the world is bright. 

About Your Guide & Mentor

Intuitive Multidimensional Energy Healer and Writer 

At Star of Avyon, Claire is a Multi-Dimensional Healer and Channeler and shares her knowledge and abilities with her years of training in alternative and holistic therapy.  

Claire's innate passion for healing has travelled with her through numerous lifetimes. An ingrained part of who she is and her firm belief this natural gift of healing is to be shared with the collective consciousness and one that is complementary to western medicine. 

Healing restores your health and improves your well-being. When we encounter physical, emotional, or mental trauma with no way of release, it can later manifest in the body as energy blocks. The body may respond externally in many ways. 

Claire trusts in her intuition and inner knowing when connecting with clients. She teaches, mentors, and guides them in their spiritual.   

Claire offers one-on-one sessions in the clinic or via distance. Each session is powerful and transforming. A time for the soul to speak while dedicating space for the healing to unfold, with support for the body, mind, and spirit and reconnecting you to your divine being, You.   

Claire's fondness for healing has extended into writing topics on spirituality. A channel that allows her to heal herself and others through a union of words and energy. A published writer in this field, she offers further guidance through her own experiences for the collective in blogs, books, and courses.

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Other Stuff

  • circles will be delivered via zoom, when you register, there will be a link to pay for each session. A link will be delivered to your inbox with all the instructions.

  • You are welcome to contribute - I encourage it, and this circle is created for you.

  • A recording is available by request.

  • Investment is $33 AUD - Sales are final.

  • No bullying, harassment, or discrimination in any way that disrupts the circle is not permitted

  • Circles will have a maximum amount of spaces available, if you are on the waitlist you will receive first preference for the next session the following week or notified first if there is a cancellation