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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Healing?

6 ways we get in our own way and how to stop the sabotage

There are of course, most likely hundreds of ways we can self-sabotage our healing process. I could list them all, but this story would most likely turn into a book.

Through my own experiences, I have found a few themes that kept repeating, and great lessons were gifted because of it.

If you are feeling confused about how or where you start to recognise where self-sabotaging can be occurring in your life this is normal.


On our spiritual journey, especially after an awakening where you become more acutely aware of the parts of you that need healing, requiring more courage to see beyond the surface of what is really going on.

I have learned that the reason we think we are self-sabotaging sometimes is very different from what we think it is.

In some cases, there are old memories of experiences or trauma that have been weighing them down, in other ways we disassociate or energetically the soul checks out as we keep burying it.


The 6 Reasons we may self sabotage our healing

Reason 1.

Holding onto old beliefs and patterns, afraid to let them go. Leaving them behind means leaving your old identity as well which we can be really attached to.

Reason 2.

Fear of change or the unknown or even both with a negative outlook. You don`t need to make big changes if you want to shift this. One small positive thought is enough, to begin with. Once you become comfortable with making these small steps then you can tackle larger blocks.

Reason 3.

Not acknowledging your imperfections, shadow aspects, or things you dislike about yourself. Find acceptance where you can and what feels comfortable for you. Remember there is nothing wrong with who you are.

Reason 4.

Afraid of your own light/energy force/gifts. This can be also your wisdom and uniqueness. All the things we may feel that may cause a ripple in the outside world, are usually what we should be expressing to the world around us. Remember a light that has a shadow is still on and can be seen. Don`t be afraid of what your value is to the collective consciousness.

Reason 5.

Pushing away or numbing your feelings. Or using external ways to fill voids. I speak from personal experience and have become a pro at finding another distraction or shiny thing to focus on. This may work temporarily but that void only gets deeper.

Reason 6.

Not giving yourself permission to allow the healing to happen. We can find many ways to be busy. Can you give yourself 5 minutes a day to slow down, and catch your breath? By doing this you gain the awareness to know when you are avoiding the healing by being busy.


Healing is not linear.

Healing is not a box where you shove your feelings away and put them somewhere where you hope you will never find them again.

Healing can be done in the smallest of ways, sometimes it may require a bigger process by going through a dark night of the soul over a day or a few days. You can read more about that here.

There are ways to make the process easier and more beneficial in the long run. If you allow yourself to be kind to yourself, there are quicker ways to move through emotional blocks when they occur.

Such as:

  • Going for a walk, getting outdoors

  • Sit on a bench in the park with a coffee

  • Getting outside in the sun and fresh air to help clear away all that can be released

  • Grounding and anchoring your energy by connecting to source/sun/universe.

  • Healing through creative outlets

  • Helping someone in need/charity work

We can feel that we are in a hurry to do all the healing when instead it is the opposite, we need to slow down. Otherwise, we find ourselves having to repeat the healing.

When we heal ourselves, that energy is given out to the collective. Transmuting those feelings of sadness or pain into the energy of love and compassion benefits everyone.

Before we take on healing our souls are heavy and the heart center is constricted. We need space in our energy field for the soul to rest. Moving us out of flight/flight/freeze modes where we are used to being.

An uncomfortable place to experience at the beginning of our healing journey. But not one we can't get through to the other side.


Final Thoughts

We all self-sabotage in some way and or have done so through our healing journey. The key is in the understanding and the awareness, this is one of the gifts healing can offer us.

Allow healing to be the medicine and the magic to your re-evolution. Healing allows your soul to grow, and through this, together with your life experiences, we can show others how to heal.

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