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A Spiritual Perspective on a Scarcity Mentality.

plant on a glass bottle with coins
plant on a glass bottle with coins

What if those of us who are awake have that inner knowing, that deep knowing that our view on lack is not just about a mindset or a fear of never having enough.

And that the spiritual perspective of a scarcity mindset has us feeling frustrated and angry, for the most part, continues to be caused by the outside control of circumstances that we have endured for centuries.

It isn't about being ungrateful or feeling a sense of lack. The core of lack stems I believe, comes from the unbalance of wealth held by governments, institutions, and some of the 1% of the population.

If that is not enough, we have to deal with unhealthy levels of pollution. Not to mention chemtrails. Our environment, water, livestock, and produce are tainted with chemicals. While big pharma and the Bill Gates of the world Lasoo us into a corner by making us believe we are unwell. And the only way is to live in fear while reminding us what we lack.

Or, that we are unable to heal ourselves and will be forever ill. While the same institutions hide their agendas and push genetically altering "medicines" and make obscene amounts of fortunes. More ways to kill us slowly energetically, emotionally, and spiritually that misguide us, and that monetary wealth or otherwise is what really causes us to have a lack attitude.


We live in cities where for some of us, the cost of living is some of the highest in the world. And many other influences are out of our control, such as taxes, interests, property prices, and inflation. For the most part, corruption is where all types of wealth are withheld from all of humanity.

It is not to say that we could have a more positive outlook, and many of us are consciously working on reframing our limited beliefs around lack and learning to be more accountable. It is one of humanity's most significant lessons that we are here to learn.

We are exposed to this way of thinking via our external environment, we see every day on the news and social media of sports personalities and their clubs and sponsors walking away with multi-millions. Or the latest must-haves - $2000 for mobile phones. For a lucky few spend millions on houses, yachts, and cars further driving our insecurities around lack as we attempt to keep up with the Jones's.

The issue I have is that we create a label, a "lack mindset", and then throw everything under it and burden many souls to feel they are not good enough. Not everything is a "me problem" if some accountability is not taken from those in position to guide us and represent us, it wouldn't be so severe.

Many of us after a spiritual awakening, develop our own spiritual perspective around scarcity and have gained an awareness of the social and unjust issues, while we see lack all around us. We know we can do better as a collective. To try to move past what we see, yet we keep feeling the deep emotions of sadness and despair that don't seem to go away.


Can you blame us?

We are hurting when there is a disregard for basic human rights. Not living the good life that is only for a select few. No one should be in lack.

Why are we not calling out those who take and steal what doesn't belong to them from others and the planet? So they can feel powerful and have even more to control? Where is their greed mindset? If we are labeling people, let's mark this also.

Our voices are not being listened to. Our emotions are not acknowledged, and our basic rights are not respected.

My lack mindset is not something I woke up with. It's also a generational chord. One that runs through many of us and through our ancestors who experienced wars, or poverty. Becoming harder to break the longer it goes on. Maybe we don't have a scarcity mentality. Perhaps we are sick of all the take, take, take from humans and the planet.

Then expect people who lost their jobs and homes due to the pandemic with a bit of toxic positivity to think rich, practice gratitude and see what we are thankful for.

Does this positivity also apply to someone displaced from their home and family because of job loss, violence, or war and who finds themselves living in cars or tents? Their way of thinking didn't cause them to be in that situation.

The heaviness I feel in my soul isn't all about my scarcity mentality or not because I'm not grateful. It is because I see little hope in the world of things changing and waiting for the day it does change. I do what I can when I can. I'm sure many other people are doing their best also.

I don't have a lack mindset because I dream of being rich. I aim to be wealthy enough in heart and soul to give more than what's in my wallet or bank account if I wasn't exhausted trying to survive while watching my income disappearing in taxes.


Lack is similar to a tube of consciousness that feeds the collective. Sometimes the pipeline may have blocks or kinks that block what needs to come through, we are drip feed and given breadcrumbs of hope wrapped in lies. This is stopping us from nourishment by those behind gold-platted doors.

When our feeding tube becomes blocked, no nourishment can make its way to us. Inevitably, leading to the lack of many things that are designed to give us life, not take our will for living.

We are all accountable for our well-being, but labeling us with a lack of mindset or toxic positivity as it is solely our problem, does not feel right to me.

Many of us who are lacking in some areas of our life are actually the ones with the biggest hearts who want to change the world and help others in any way we can.


Final Thoughts

In spirituality, we understand that there is duality, the light, and the dark. Darkness has grey areas too. The gray becomes darker the more emphasis and heaviness we put into it. The grey can become almost white if we remove the same heaviness.

It is a delicate balance. A label or a mindset that has been repeated to become a buzzword, or used as a fear tactic doesn't mean it is wrong or right. It is just not as clear-cut as we would like it to be, and I feel it is time to recognise this.

It is time to start revisiting our views on what is lacking and how we engrain into our way of living. The fear of not having enough is a collective issue, and one way to get beyond this and evolve is accountability.

Can we adopt a spiritual perspective on a scarcity mentality where we do the soul work and acknowledge its causes and find ways to fix it, together?

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