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Can Children Have Disabilities that Hide Their Spiritual Gifts?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

What are they here to teach us?

woman at beach sand in hands in water
woman at beach sand in hands in water

I have observed throughout my career and in my life in many situations children who have disabilities.

I wonder, do they view the world the same way we do?

What does it look like to them?

On the outside, we see these children as autistic or on the spectrum of Aspergers.

I don't believe this is entirely accurate.

I feel there is a deeper meaning and purpose to what we think are the disabilities that society has labelled to make sense of what we may not truly understand.

What if these children`s disabilities are actually abilities? at the same time hiding their spiritual gifts?

What if they contain within them a unique skill set unknown to us?

More capabilities than we can comprehend, going beyond the science of it all and the veils of illusion that the mind cannot grasp.

What does the mass awakening have to do with disabilities?

As the world continues through a global awakening, each wave of souls brings gifts to the world through their incarnations. A choice they made before birth here on Earth.

Each wave that lands here on Gaia holds a unique energy signature. Pivotal responsibility within each succession prepares the world for the waves that are to follow and humanity's evolution.

As the years have passed, we have noticed an increase in children born with disabilities. Not to mention many indirect factors, such as an increase in population, toxicity in our foods, clothes, and environment, and the overuse of vaccines, to name a few.

Babies born in recent years have had their immune systems compromised and unsupported with vital natural nourishment.

Instead, it is replaced with heavy metal toxicity, little grounding with Earth or being in the sun, and stressful and traumatic environments.

Human souls as experiments throughout the ages, population, and pharmaceutical agendas lined with greed and control. Light and darkness make up what we see in the world or what we choose to ignore.

In the instance of disabilities, I want to push the envelope further than a scientific study or what specialists gather together in journals.

How do we know what truth there still is in science, what is even true anymore, that may have already been corrupted or compromised and money replaced morals?

Have you noticed the wording of DISABILITY? Take a deeper look.

Even the word DISABILITY is a clue - If we split the word into two parts - DIS and ABILITY, then why are we dis-(ing) an ability we fear for no reason?

The Spiritual link.

It is my observation, even a coincidence, together with my inner knowing that women who are giving birth in the 21st century, also over the age of forty, are the souls, who were also the children of the 1st wave of way-showers that arrived in 1950 to 1970s.

And those in their 30s who may be having children are the children of the 2nd wave way showers, the indigos born in the 80s and 90s.

The 3rd wave is the crystal children born of those also in the second wave who have been arriving since the year 2000. Many of them will make a choice or not to have children of their own later in the coming years.

Is this a coincidence? Or is this the bridge between way-showers Indigos and some children born with disabilities that we have not yet put together?

Our cellular structure holds dormant DNA, which is then genetically transferred via a soul's blueprint that remains switched off till the exact time of awakening.

Has that time come yet? It depends on the soul's divine timing, not a specific time.

Why I am writing this story 

I had a conversation with a friend the other day, where we had been discussing mutual friends of ours choosing to have children in their later years.

It was interesting that my friend mentioned that our friend's daughter had learning difficulties.

Intuitively, this didn't feel right to me.

It had nothing to do with the age of the child or about not learning at the same pace as other children.

It is ingrained in us to think everything needs a label to define what it is…we don't.

In the spiritual realm, it is - the vibration and frequency of one's energy, not defined by any labels. It just is.

In my personal opinion - this child, let's call her Grace, is not autistic but living her multidimensional self in the physical vehicle - the body that she chose.

My Theory.

Autistic children are wide open spiritually, already awake from the time they are born, to be here at this time to help shift the un-awakened to the awakened, pushing us to see beyond what we think is normal.

We don't "hear" what they are trying to say because it is not verbal.

It is not about what is spoken, but what is unspoken and comes directly from the heart.

They receive messages because they are aligned with their intuition and not surprisingly, are already communicating via telepathy, more apparent in the years to come.

How do they communicate?

We can see this being played out in two ways.

The first way is "downloading" information, delivered in a drawing or a painting. This can be anything from interactions with the galactic, elementals, dreams where they have lived on other planets, or memories from another life.

The second is by building /engineering or constructing a thought or idea, using something such as blocks or Lego to deliver a message.

Additionally, some are channellers. These are messengers- those that receive communication in their third eye and will use either or both mentioned above to download.

What needs to change

The issue is that few parents are not equipped with the tools or understanding to know about this reality their child resides in, which also happens to be part of their soul lesson.

Instead, children have been sent to psychologists and speech therapists, and many placed on heavy pharmaceuticals to numb their essence, of course, this is done because it is the more logical solution.

This isn't logical. It is an etheric chord connecting hearts and souls with their world.

It's not surprising to me as there is little support for children or parents with these abilities. There are groups on Facebook or in person but they are hard to find. It can be even more difficult for families to seek alternative therapies in these types of situations.

There is little investigation right now to go beyond what science, research, and doctors have learned. I hope this changes.

What I would like to see happen, is for those in the medical and science field to stretch their imagination and connect to their intuition. They would of course say that it's not common sense and can't be done as it would be something unexplainable by the mind.

Of course, it is because the answers lie within us, not in a scientific journal.

How do we nurture these children?

The biggest concern I see with these children is that they are not being challenged by what they are taught in schools or groups. What they are learning is too easy for them, boring even.

They are insanely gifted and most likely with high IQs. They are way beyond what we think they can't understand, requiring more complex enrichment activities, not simplified ones because we don't think they will get it.

Being non-verbal is not because they can't communicate with us. If it changed and they could communicate with them, it would be because we wouldn't understand them, therefore remaining in that state.

They have a highly developed intuition, as their minds sit in the back seat, their intuition is on the super highway. I would also add dormant psychic and quantum abilities that are only active in their reality and ones we haven't discovered yet.

Their heart space is open and non-judgmental. Equipped within them is a vibrational and unique frequency that opens the gateway for them to tap into the 6th, 7th, and at the very least, 12th dimension, if not higher.

They need the space to encourage expression in their own way, not having this suppresses their innate abilities and keeps them shut out from the rest of the world.

And finally, encourage creativity it is an open door to their world.

We can see how much they benefit from spending time with animals - sentient beings who can strengthen bonds and speak beyond words.

What makes me qualified to talk about this? 

Technically nothing other than I relate to these children on a subconscious level, and I ask questions that will help people change the way they think. I love science and medicine, but I am visionary too and believe they can co-exist.

Similar to these children, I receive messages through my inner guidance. A messenger myself through visuals and words. I can decipher the meaning in drawings or those done in light language because of clairvoyance. I can put a story together by looking at an image delivered to me as the information. To briefly sum it up.

Our responsibility

The future of humanity is not the responsibility of the children that will arrive here on earth over the coming years. It belongs to all of us. We are responsible for how open we choose to be, they show us how to live multi-dimensionally.

And, ff by giving them the freedom to do this, drop the labels, and stop putting everything we think we know into a box, we can embrace the changes.

let them live in an expanse of energy, an open space to be exactly who they are, not what we think they should be, based on our conditioning, limited beliefs, or fears.

Then, perhaps we can begin to heal on a global level.

Final thoughts

I feel it is time we ask: Can Children Have Disabilities that Hide Their Spiritual Gifts? Are we ready to explore this further?

I could have written a lot more, but I will say this. I know I have high hopes. I am not delusional that this will most likely take years for all of humanity to see these souls in their perfection.

I'm here opening the door and planting the seeds so we can take the next step in our re-evolution.

These beautiful souls being born are here to change the world. And, not all children who come here with a disability are the only ones that will be here to show us the way forward.

Some will have healing abilities, and remember past lives in detail. Others are new souls with no reincarnations, awake and gifted in so many ways it will blow our minds. I can't wait until we see more of it.

Regardless of a new or old soul, these souls are here to flip everything we know to be true about a child's disabilities and if they are hiding their spiritual gifts, how they will live their life for years to come, and living a life that is without the fear of what is or not normal.


If you have a child that remembers a past life or reincarnation or another memory, I would love to hear from you and share your story for a book I am writing in the near future…all contributions will be credited with your permission, of course, please get in touch if this is something you feel guided to explore.

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