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How The Human Body Recalibrates for New Earth Consciousness

Updated: Jan 4

Spiritual awakening signals the start of our ascension journey for the collective, of the new earth consciousness

Collectively we are already on the train to Ascension. The journey hasn't always been a smooth ride for many of us individually, yet we keep the train moving forward, going along for this wild ride.

The most significant changes have been to Gaia and the human body, both undergoing transformations that we have never witnessed or experienced before. As we continue towards creating a new world, Earth continues to focus on herself, as we also focus on our individual paths.

When we experience our first spiritual awakening, signals to the body begin. The first of many changes is the energy and vibration - our signature frequency. This frequency occurs at a cellular level first, noting to the body that the density of all past lifetimes, experiences and trauma requires a good shake-up.

The new light body that is emerging has to be able to withstand all the new incoming light codes, this can also include psychic/healing gifts and abilities.


Spiritual Awakening Revelations

I remember when soon after my spiritual awakening and before my psychic gifts revealed themself to me in their entirety, at this point they were only whispers. As I was getting ready for sleep, lying on my bed, my body would hum with a subtle vibration.

It took me by such a surprise that I asked my psychic teacher at the time what the hell was going on, only to be told it was the beginning of a new version of me and the start of how much my life would change.

As I started meditating, I experienced the same vibrations. Now many years later, they still occur before bed occasionally, and can also be felt in the morning when I am just waking up.

Once I got comfortable with the vibrations and spent months developing my psychic/healing abilities, I learned about solar storms and energy shifts.


Cellular Structure Changes & Solar Storms

Discovering this newfound knowledge set off the next group of signals in my cellular structure. In came, strong energy at all times of the day and other days, waking up like I had been hit by a truck. It was either not enough sleep from feeling so wired all night or, sleeping so much that fatigue became the norm.

Food and taste changed, and waves of hunger, craving carbs, sugar, and other dense food in the aid to help me ground my energy as my body was hit with each storm. There were days were all I wanted to eat was Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches. And other days all I could stomach was smoothies, and constantly felt dehydrated all the time.

My body weight increased, especially around the middle area as I needed more "weight" to remain anchored while we collectively birthed new frequencies. Emotions were set to rollercoaster speed, no way of knowing which way they would go. It is only years later now that I can sense the waves of each solar storm before they occur, my body signaling to me in its unique way what is incoming.

Now when the solar storms drop, I feel the change the most. My body has recalibrated so much over the years at a higher frequency than when I have to lower my frequency for my surroundings, or as the storms pass, it feels like I am no longer floating, but heavy in density again.

It has been a big learning curve to find ways to keep my frequency at a higher level that works for me. I have recently developed ways to anchor my energy to source and ground my energy to Gaia, forming a deeper connection while also feeling more secure in my body, compared to what I was taught about grounding many years ago. We are learning so much more about the gifts new earth consciousness can offer us.


Body Mind and Soul Recalibration

It is important to note that the recalibration occurs in every part of the "body". Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Etheric, to name a few. Individually and together modifying its unique characteristic, open and accepting of the change driven by the higher self or oversoul. Like a captain steering his ship in the sea, going with each wave.

During our ascension, there are many many times we try to fight the change, push away feelings, and block our emotions from surfacing. It works for the majority of the time, in other instances the wave gets too big and thrashes our body on the shore, cleansed ready, and ready for the next shift in our frequency.

We have to keep in mind that our physical body is the vessel, the ship that is out in the vast sea, looking for the next island to dock. Offload what it no longer needs and refuel for its next adventure, wherever that may be.


Ascension and Divinely Guided

If you are here reading this and aware of ascension, it has been divinely designed to weather all the storms we are yet to face over the coming years. Every year that we endure, we wonder how we will make it through another one. We do, even though we are sure we left our anchor in another dimension floating around waiting to land next to where we are.

It is even more important now to anchor your energy to source above while anchoring into the chor of the earth using your physical body as the heavyweight in this dimension as other aspects of you explore outer worlds and dimensions.

Solar storms have very little reprieve now between each wave, each storm that inbounds to earth holds more and more light codes. Ascension Symptoms now are too many to mention. New frequencies our bodies need with Gaia to ascend so that we reach fourth, fifth, and higher dimensions vibrationally.

It is the vessel that is prepared to hold frequencies of those higher dimensions and be the gatekeepers for those who are unawakened. And, the shepherds for those who are yet to arrive such as the star children and crystal children. These souls who are already magically attuned and ready to help shift humanity, such a responsibility to carry on their also already wise shoulders. I am so excited to see how we transition and ascend over the next few years.


Final Thoughts

The world may look like it is in total chaos and there is no sugar coating here it is in a mess, we may wonder when it will all happen and when can we live among the rainbows and unicorns in spiritual bliss, but the truth is no one really knows, many seers and way-showers give dates and ranges some accurate, others not so as our collective timelines continuously change.

I guide you to remember that as energy moves, and time itself is not real just a construct. Have confidence in knowing Gaia is steering the ship and she knows exactly what she is doing. Astrologically we can also see by the planetry movement the cycles Earth with go through in this age of Aquarius.

Our innate self is guided by its inner light, shining its way forward to attune to the right frequency we individually need for our awakening. Gradually preparing for its path of ascension while learning every day what it means to be a multi-dimensional soul being.

We all have our own ship to steer, ready to dock at any given moment. Our bodies recalibrated at the helm of our consciousness, no longer asleep. A reality we are co-creating with every living soul alive here at this mass awakening to the 5th Dimension.


Further Soul Guidance

If you have recently had a spiritual awakening and/or are new to all things ascension, I mentioned a lot of spiritual buzzwords that are common in the collective right now. I guide you to follow your curiosity to learn more about them. I have written a few stories on ascension since my awakening that I feel many of us awakened have experienced, should you feel guided to read them, you can find them here


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