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How To Start a Spiritual Journey

It is never about the how it is about the why...


Truth is, you don't intentionally start a spiritual journey, it usually results from a spiritual awakening or is a result of other life events both of which also is almost never intentional and occur as a direct result of either of those experiences.

There is a variation to this, however, where a person chooses to live a life that is more spiritual or holistic. They consciously decide to choose products that are organic or made of natural products and be more mindful of the food they eat, the furnishings in their home, or the way their home is built or designed.


How to start a spiritual journey

My spiritual journey started with a spiritual awakening that came about from a few traumatic events that individually did not look like much but collectively triggered a personal new path, the spiritual journey. I now live a life based on intentions that are spiritual, mental, physical, and etheric and based on the four bodies of ascension.

Therefore, how to start a spiritual journey is a soul's path. One that begins at incarnation whether here on earth in human form or in another realm as a galactic entity. But how to start that journey after a Spiritual Awakening is like a 12-step program without any guidelines. Sponsors are your guides, ancestors, and angels unless you are going through a dark night of the soul, then that becomes an experience where you are on your own until you get through the other side.

On the internal side, a spiritual journey starts because there is an imbalance in your life, something feels off and not quite right. There is more to you and more you can have from life and this is what begins the search. On the external side, you are a seeker of truth, you feel deeply and think deeply. You tire of mainstream media, dirty politics, greed, and injustice across many areas of the social and economic environments.


The beginning

The "how" has already begun because you are going beyond your own limitations of who you were and finding who you are becoming. This could look like leaving a corporate job and working for yourself or your community or working in the health and holistic fields. You could leave the city and head out to the hills, become a mentor, guide, or coach.

Or you may have discovered unusual abilities like clairvoyance, mediumship, or healing and want to learn more about them by going to classes and workshops. You learn meditation and listen to sound healing or frequency music with binaural beats.

You start following more spiritual content creators, you are like a sponge, learning, observing, and soaking up knowledge from Youtube or books about spirituality. You discover Gene Keys or Human Design that help decipher your soul's blueprint to enhance and fast-track your evolution. You learn about shadow work and trauma and how they have impacted your life.

Through our spiritual adventure, the most significant change is learning how to be multidimensional in a world that is only 3rd dimensional. All of a sudden we find ourselves students again, re-learning who we are again.

Restructuring our beliefs to bring them more in alignment with what feels right and true, we learn about discernment in many situations as our family and friend circles expand and retract with each learning curve of our new life.


Why have a spiritual journey?

The spiritual journey is never about the how it is about the why, that's what guides an individual to begin the spiritual journey. There are times we step off the journey to go inward and do healing or we veer off because we live multi-dimensional lives and sometimes the human life needs our attention or becomes a distraction from our soul's work, neither is right nor wrong.

My spiritual awakening happened because the why was so loud and could no longer be ignored. The questioning about everything consumed me because no aspect of my life felt in alignment, I was outgrowing myself. There was a new version waiting to sprout, expand, and grow, I had to dig deep into the ground to uncover her and bring it up to the surface.

Have the 8 or so years since my awakening been rainbows and unicorns with sprinkles of fairy dust along my path? no some years were dark and traumatic with huge life lessons that I never want to experience ever again.

Other years had profound growth, I discovered abilities that felt like home...lived and breathed them across many lifetimes. And there were times that rainbows did appear encouraging me to keep going through those rainy and sad days.


Final thoughts

My spiritual journey is my re-evolution for this lifetime and I feel deep in my cells, it is every soul's re-evolution to undo all that no longer serves them. To re-discover their soul's blueprint so they can use it to re-shape who they are into an even better version of their own perfection.

It is the infinite energy of the universe and our soul combined to distribute, to infuse into every living cell of the planet. A journey to uncover dormant strands of DNA, to be ushers for the souls yet to arrive.

The spiritual journey is one shared with the collective and the planet, it isn't just ours although it is vitally important. Our stories started at the beginning of time, we are only here to enjoy the ride and make the path our own, and no one else`s.

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