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Seeing Clearly on the Spiritual Path

Removing the rose-coloured glasses

A spiritual awakening is a long and sometimes lonely path. In the beginning, it is a big shock, and many times wondering why we chose to wake up.

It is not as if we saw the world with rose-coloured glasses before awakening. It was a feeling that something inside of us needed to be cracked open.

Lessons are no longer mistakes. Experiences become episodes of the dark night of the soul and mini awakenings. The highs, lows, stops, starts, and detours make you feel you are on a rollercoaster ride that never ends.

You wonder if you are ever heading in the right direction to reach your destination, most of the time that is also unknown.

Finding yourself in Disneyland. Your new spiritual self is enchanting and you discover you are made of magic that is pure source energy. Your human body recalibrates its frequency and vibration constantly, receiving downloads and going through emotional physical and mental upgrades.

Becoming blind-sighted by what our shadow self shows us. We put the rose-coloured glasses back on, a temporary reprieve while we grieve a limiting belief or mindset that is no longer aligned.

What we learn from our awakening, depends on what we are willingly ready to acknowledge. It is in those instances times, we take off our rose-coloured glasses forevermore and see our life the way it truly is. The gift is that we are perfect by design to heal and reshape our future exactly how we want it.


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