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The Spiritual New Age Trap 

women sitting at beach on sand sunset

I hate to admit it, I fell for a “new age” trap that also became a lesson in disguise.

It was that something outside of me would come and save me, help me get out of the situation I found myself in. It also taught me about accountability, a pill hard to swallow. There was a bit of stubbornness, shame, and anger toward myself for not knowing better.

After my awakening, there is a spiritual honeymoon phase, except I am not getting to spend blissful days with a partner. I was under the illusion that everything is light love and fairy dust, angels singing melodically, and riding unicorns through the forest.

Until it wasn’t.

For some people, this phase lasts weeks or months. In my case, it was years about five years.

My illusion or disillusion was that the universe, spirit, source, and God would save me from hardship, and that manifestation would appear.

I also wondered why the people on Earth were not being saved from their hardships.

If we have free will, then why is my will not seen or heard? Why am I not being seen by the greater power, why aren’t the angels and guides doing their job?

It is because I was not ready to see myself, and as much as I wanted help, I wanted also to be saved and to feel like I mattered to something, anything.

New age spirituality hides many lessons that are woven between the many dimensions we exist simultaneously. Unless we go through an experience that reveals the lesson will be what brings us out of its illusion.

The hard truth is that the universe will not save us from the other side of the double edge sword, nor will God, source, or spirit.

This also applies if you are receiving guidance from an energy source. You must be sure who you are getting the information from. Are they benevolent or not?

That is spirituality 101.

How does it feel when that guidance comes through, does it lift your spirits or take you somewhere darker and more negative than where you are currently?

The lessons I learned in my own spiritual new age trap helped me gain clarity about accountability and develop an even deeper awareness of the inner power we all hold within.

Here are 7 lessons:

Trust in yourself first.

Notice signs and synchronicities but don’t depend on them.

Where are you too codependent on information, signs, symbolism, and connections that no longer serve you or bring you peace?

What is real and what isn’t by using discernment. The world is going through a collective shift. Sometimes there is no distinction between the two.

Savour the days when you feel Light and you can face those challenges with more ease than what you may have done a few days ago, store those gems in a safe place for when you need them.

Move with the darkness and build awareness to know when you just need to cope and when all you want to do is escape. There is nothing wrong with either the darkness is heavy to carry for some of us especially those that feel so much.

Question everything you consume and everyone that your gut tells you it’s off.

Saving yourself first is important, as is letting go of the guilt. Others may project by telling you you are selfish or don’t care. There are days I didn’t even want to save myself because saving ourselves comes from worthiness. It is okay to take up the space that your aura allows, there is enough room for everybody.

Final Thoughts

A spiritual awakening is a long path, and there are lessons to be made along the way that makes it unique to our experiences. There will be many stops, starts, and some detours where you wonder if you are ever heading in the right direction and reach your destination.

What we learn from the path depends on what we choose to see about ourselves. And sometimes, the biggest trap is self-sabotage because we may feel in some way unworthy.

Other times it means we have to put down our rose-coloured glasses and see our life the way it truly is, even if we don’t like what it’s showing us. The gift in that is that we are well equipped to fix and re-shape it exactly how we want it.


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