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What Frustration Teaches Us on Our Spiritual Journey

And why it can be a positive experience on our spiritual journey

If you are a patient person, frustration can teach you many things.

However, if you are more the stubborn type, like myself, frustration teaches you many things. But, the process takes a little longer until you start to appreciate its lessons. And you finally learn to give in a little.

Is this the wrong way to approach frustration? I don`t think there is a wrong way as it's a personal perspective. And, because of what I have learned, I can pass on the advice to you.

This way you learn the lesson a lot quicker than I have on your own spiritual journey.


Awareness and the experiences

I have come to learn to be more accepting of my stubborn nature rather than attempting to dismiss it.

The difference is in knowing when it is useful. Such as feeling frustrated in doing activities that don't light me up, I'm over, or that are no longer aligned. I learned some of this by finding out my human design.

Frustration becomes no longer useful when a pattern keeps repeating. Experiencing the same results over and over again with no change. Important to note that awareness goes hand in hand with experiences.

The awareness is a result of the frustration not being acknowledged. I wasn't paying attention to what it was trying to teach me. In this case though, the frustration had nothing to do with a task or an activity.

It was centered around a life I wanted to create for myself.

I recognised I lacked the courage that I could pull it off. Such as finding my next job, looking and applying for roles that were a yes but I was really saying no. My body was signaling the discomfort. The universe by way of numerology and symbolism.

Noticing also, that fear is and has been behind most of the frustration. Most of what I feared was the unknown. Getting rejected from roles I applied for and being so long out of work, almost 3 months. I was fearing the unknown and feeling frustrated by the in-between.

I knew I wanted something different, yet was getting frustrated that nothing was lining up as it normally does.


Balance among the frustration

Frustration was teaching me about balance, and the need I have for extremes. Well not a need as such, it is more a trait of going from one thing and doing a complete 180 - the point being is that it required me to find the point in the middle, to stop and pause before I skyrocket to one end or the other.

As the universe humbles you every now and then. I had to ask myself what I was willing to let go? and what I was trying to control the outcome of.

Could I let go of control of the unknown and could I let go of trying to control what should or shouldn't happen?

No wonder I was always feeling so miserable and I was playing the victim when it suited me. Instead, all I needed to step back and wait - cue patience again.

Frustration was asking me to wait for the signs, synchronicities, guidance, or downloads that were to show me I could move forward. It was up to me to consciously choose what I wanted for my future while I allowed the universe to work out the how.

Remembering also where I needed to remain balanced in my decision-making so I don't regret it later. Waiting for the right role that was going to work best with what I wanted to achieve, stepping aside, and getting out of my way. Leaving room while waiting for the universe to co-create with me while I got on with doing what felt right and lit me up in the meantime.


Final Thoughts

The universe sent me back to school in this experience, am I mad about - ha a little- even though I have been learning this lesson many times before.

Earth is our playground, a school where our experiences are our lessons. The universe or spirit is the wise seer showing us the way and yet patiently waiting for us to return back to our path after we make a detour here and there.

Courage comes only when you are ready. Spirit is in no rush - even though I am most of the time. Some souls take big leaps of courage, whereas I take small leaps and calculated steps. Only as far as I can feel the ground beneath my feet.

And that is okay because it's what feels right to me. Frustration and I are friends now, having gained more awareness of the signs, should it become the same lesson in just another situation.

Our wrong turns become the paths that help us get back on track.

Frustration is an emotion that if we see it as a helpful tool rather than one that we perceive to be unhelpful we can learn a lot. And, not waste energy that could be used to build a life that is amazing, fulfilling, and one that feels in alignment.


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