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What`s Your Super Power?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Women on bridging jumping for joy happy
Women on bridging jumping for joy happy

I believe we all have a superpower, yes you, even though you don’t think so. You are a sovereign be-ing of this great planet of Gaia.

You are here to just BE while our fast-paced society has shaped us into beings that have to be anything but being. Instead, we are too busy being who we think we are supposed to be, could be, or might be.

I want to remind you how wonderful you are. How you, just being here in this world at this time, is a superpower in itself. You are created in love, you come from love, and you are pure source energy.

You are the divine being of all that is in this world. A light that can’t be unseen and that is so bright you are seen from many, many galaxies away.

Your DNA encompasses eons and eons of cells within you and has traveled through many lifetimes. Your DNA is part of your soul blueprint, like you, the blueprint is unique only to you.

It is the same way as a tattoo. It has all your experiences, thoughts, and emotions etched into your soul instead of your skin. Eager to come into existence. Waiting to greet you into the here and now and show you how amazing you are.

Your energy of you is exposing you to your superpower. It has been here all along within you, never outside of you. It knows you intimately, it knows what you are capable of being. A work in progress, always in construction.

Honestly, at times I didn’t believe in my superpower. In fact, I spent a lot of time and energy, wasted energy fighting it. A light that others saw in me but I didn`t see myself. My stubborn nature refused to see it. Instead, I saw darkness, shadows of grey not just black and white.

I thought I was incomplete. I wasn`t, it was just my perception.

I was playing small and had at times a crippling anxiety. Too afraid to show my light. I was afraid to be SEEN. A sparkle here, a twinkle of light there, slowly it oozed out. It began to show through the cracks in the walls that I had constructed around myself.

A box that I had placed myself in for safekeeping. Protecting my heart and soul at all costs. I had at many times, given my power unknowingly and yes at times knowingly away.

I was fighting my existence through years of on-and-off-again depression. Fighting the spiritual gifts that had travelled with me into this life.

Here I was, wondering why I had those gifts at all and I was certainly not worthy of them. That’s what I thought, another perception I had created.

Even though these gifts felt like home and a deep inner knowing this felt true. It took a long time before I was ready to embrace and accept those gifts. It was then I was able to show others what they had within them too. A new superpower had been created from the darkness.

Through it all, the biggest fight I had was with myself, when it was really about surrendering to who I am. It is then that acceptance finds you.

I had gained all this power, more knowledge, more understanding, and a newfound awareness of life than I had ever known.

An evolved new version of me.

I had a very small and narrowed view of myself and I still do sometimes. I am getting better at keeping my horizon of myself open and in check of the bigger picture. I remind myself that I am as expanse as the universe, totally unique, and have as much power within me as the universe has for every soul here on earth.

We hear a lot that we are “powerful beings”. We are able to create anything we dream of in co-existence with the universe. It is this power that can also make us afraid, myself included.

It has at times kept me thinking small a lot.

I know this is not really true, but it was…

Because I forget who I am.

Because I forget why I am here.

But then,

I remember I AM Love.

This is how we can be super powerful beings.

That is how we ARE super powerful beings.

It is not egotistic to believe we have superpowers. I guide you to remember to embrace the ego when it is too loud, show it some love, and see that the powerful being is part of you.

We will not always get it right.

I am sharing my story with you because I hope it will remind someone else reading this of their own power. Even though they may not see it in themselves all the time.

I am still learning to be a powerful be-ing in the here and now, in this lifetime. A co-creator with no limits.

Learning how to step into the superpower will be our biggest lesson and our greatest gift to ourselves when we are ready. It is never too late beautiful soul, it is all in divine timing.

The soul that drives you forward is a powerful force.

If everything you do comes from love, you will soon discover the healing and peace it can bring to the soul.

The love that resides within you truly is the true Super Power, what`s your Super Power?


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