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When You Feel Like You Don`t Belong (After an Awakening)

And why it's more about the journey of self-discovery and awareness for the multidimensional soul.


There is an easy answer to this question and a more complex answer.

However, If you are just searching for a quick response to this never-ending philosophical quest, here it is…and as a bonus, there are two answers.

1. It is because you shouldn't feel like you have to belong anywhere.

2. You are a multidimensional soul being that exists between unseen timelines, yet is felt via frequency and vibration.


Before I give my viewpoint on those questions, we are reminded that upon our awakening and then the ascension journey that occurs after, we search for answers to life`s many questions, why we woke up in the first place. And, why we incarnated at this time.

The greatest and yet also the most annoying part of our self-development as conscious souls is also trying to find who we really are.

It is no wonder many of us don`t feel like we belong after an awakening.


Dear beautiful soul, who has awakened carrying this heavy weight of this lifetime. Feel as if they have been left out in the cold. Never really fit in during the years at school or in workplaces. Have trouble making friends, and family members don't get you.

This weight of belonging to something gets heavier with each challenge we face or in our shadow work. The more soul-clearing we do it seems as if that weight becomes unbearable.

As hu-mans and the way we try to resolve our issues, our first response is to seek answers outside. Only increases the separation, no longer connected with ourselves. The feeling of belonging gets further and further away, it no longer becomes a want but a should or a have to belong.

Not to mention feeling isolated or with no sense of belonging is a current theme with the energies that are hitting Earth with each wave of solar storms.


Q.1 - You shouldn't feel like you have to belong anywhere

The reality of 3D to 5D

If we can build awareness and use that awareness to gently shift to a more neutral mindset where every experience good or bad are all lessons and never mistakes. While also remembering to have compassion for ourselves on this journey. Then this weight we carry becomes lighter.

In this reality of 3D to 5D, where we are in the school of life. It led me to contemplate why I wanted to feel like I had to belong so badly.

Now that I am older (much older since my awakening), I take a deep long look at the world, I ask myself do I really want to belong to a world that for a large majority is still consciously asleep? The answer for me, is No.

Where influencers almost have as much power as politicians with the masses. Where there is corruption and greed by our institutions that are to protect us but have no trouble dividing us because we don't fit their narrative. And we refuse to be controlled by the elite few.

I could write a lot more, however, I digress.


Becoming an example

Do I really want to belong to that world when it never was for me to be a part of, but be an example of? a world in which we can co-create and become better humans? Yes.

I've been wasting so much time and energy trying to belong to something outside of me. My awakening was because the life I knew wasn't for my highest good, and the answers to my questions did not intuitively feel right to me before.

I was and still am a seeker of truth, morals, and justice. I am on the search to find me, which can't be found in any reality TV show.

I personally experience this duality daily. I seek answers from my mentors, my oracle, tarot cards, and pendulums and probably watch way too many astrology forecasts on YouTube.

There is no problem with those tools. I used them as a crutch and a distraction. I used them because I was tired of looking for the answers amidst the fear of what is left to discover if it is not what I want to hear. And forgetting that I have control of my decisions and choices.

We all have that fear of going deeper. Beyond the surface, we use many distractions for the purpose of ignoring what our soul is whispering to us.

My new awareness from these experiences tells me to allow my intuition to do what is intended. To guide me with answers that are for my own soul journey, and when the time is right guidance for the collective in ways such as this story I am sharing with you today.


This brings me to answering the second question.

Q.2. You are a multidimensional soul being that exists between timelines.

Multi-Dimensional Soul Being

When we feel this sense of not belonging we have to remember to put our human self on pause. Allow our multidimensional soul-being space to come to the forefront and be in partnership with the human - that is multi-dimensional.

This lack of feeling like "we don't belong" is because we have one foot here in the 3rd and our other foot in the 4th, 5th, or higher dimensions. 

We are also multi-tasking multiple timelines simultaneously. Every time we make a choice or decision we exist in that timeline. Trying to belong is only so much harder.


This planet wasn't made for us, we know that. It wasn't brought into existence for us to be the piece of the big puzzle of earth.

We are here, the awakened souls for the new earth. Here to create and show everyone else how it's done. We have the courage to stand alone in our own innate consciousness while we let others follow other people. 

Belonging is not about trying to fit in, but being one consciousness.

Is it frightening? yes, it freaks me out at times. The years ahead of us will have many unknowns.


Final Thoughts

The theme such as not belonging will repeat as a pattern for the collective until we master the sense of belonging with ourselves. 

How we treat ourselves, and how we nurture our souls are the seeds we plant for our re-evolution and our ascension to 5D.

Now every time I feel like I don't belong somewhere I remember I have a choice.

I can choose to fit in and keep fighting to belong to a world that no longer is my vibration or frequency.

Or, I can choose to raise my vibration and frequency by becoming more of who I am every day. Doing so raises it for Gaia also.

I can choose to expand my multidimensional soul-being. Shine my light here on this earth, self-discovery of my soul for my own journey. 

Spend less time wondering why I don`t belong and spend "time" co-creating a new earth with other awakened souls.

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