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My Story

Everyone`s spiritual awakening is different.


Mine wasn’t hugely traumatic, even though there were less significant episodes over a few years that finally led to the awakening that occurred in 2015.


Since then, I have had mini awakenings and numerous deaths and rebirths. Each experience showered me with wisdom.


A naturally curious seeker, always trying to understand the whys of life`s questions, led me further to explore my own existence. I have always been the rebel, the rule breaker, and an old soul. Widely misunderstood and complicated even by my own family.


Always willing to stand in alignment with my morals and beliefs. Even if that caused me to be estranged from my family when I didn't follow or agree to the world's demands of control.


I was someone who always attempted to break out of the box. It had been built on expectations and conditions. I didn’t realise until recently, how my limiting beliefs were the bars of the jail I built around myself.


The more I continued to try and fit in, the smaller the world and my environment became. But I didn’t learn this easily. It is an aspect of me I am slowly breaking out of. I am finding the keys to my innate self to unlock aspects of hidden wisdom.


I led a life where I figured it was easier to do everything alone, and rarely ask for help. Only to conclude that it was this exact reason keeping me behind those walls I built for myself. I suffered in silence, with the expectations of what my life should look like weighing heavily on my mind, body, and soul. The heart was the most of me that was locked away.


With many challenges still, as I head into the mid-40s of my life, a late starter when it comes to a traditional spiritual path. Goes to show that time has nothing to do with our evolution, individual or collective.


Regardless if your awakening was ten years ago, three years ago, or six weeks ago, we all go through a life-changing event. A significant event divinly by design, steered me towards a new direction.


At times, my path feels isolating and lonely. The ancestral baggage of the 3D realm competes against the baggage of this current life incarnation. Yet, it is here, in the 3D after an awakening, that my newest challenge was navigating being a multidimensional entity.


As the rest of the world remained asleep, I wandered around, surviving and feeling lost, wondering if I would ever find my place in the world. I soon learned that my awakening unraveled metaphysical gifts – energy healing, mediumship, and psychic intuition.


I spent the early years of my awakening learning and developing those gifts. Some of which progressed into businesses. With an ability of a deep inner knowing and a highly sensitive individual, I was able to guide, nurture, and support clients so that they had a space where they were seen and heard. My practical and grounded approach, observing and analysing their life issues, allowed me to assist others in finding solutions to their problems.


With my curious nature, I felt a deep need to express my creativity. I had dabbled in all kinds of art in my younger years. Although this outlet had enough of belonging inside my head, what I was going through had to be purged out in some form.


In 2018, I began writing about spirituality and my own experiences, what I learned, and the wisdom I gained, finally giving me the answers to my endless whys. Writing became the fuel for my inspiration. What I observed turned into stories and knowledge that I wanted to share with others. In the hope they would not make the same mistakes I did. And, understand that life is a balance of trial and error. 


I have learned many things since my awakening, many repeated lessons. I remind myself that I am always evolving. I am nurturing my soul in activities that light me up. I am diving deeper into the act of reflection, rushing less (sometimes anyway).

Learning awareness of self is for my benefit. I choose not to use it against myself as self-sabotage. It made sense, that the advice I give others is the advice I give to myself. I write about what inspires me, in the hope it may inspire others.



My future stories are yet to be written. Every day I am here on earth, my life is documented as the moments and experiences, becoming the words on the page that you find on my blog.


The dialogue of thoughts, emotions, feelings, and experiences gradually develops into chapters. Content that evolves into a book of life that I can look back on and acknowledge how far I have come, not how long it took for me to get here.

My vision for Star of Avyon is to be the lighthouse for others to follow their path in their own footsteps, regardless if they occasionally get off track.


It is my intention, that those who read my story, understand that even though my experiences are mine, our shared experiences are the human link, and what connects us on a soul level.


By sharing our lessons with others, few are left in the dark. We collectively heal together, the soul consciousness of Gaia and the body, mind, spirit, and of our souls.

With Love & Blessings


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