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My Story

At Star of Avyon, Claire is a Multi-Dimensional Healer / Channeler and shares her knowledge and abilities with her years of training in Energy Healing and Alternative Holistic Therapies.

Claire is passionate about healing that supports the body, mind, soul, and spirit, whether that is in wellness mentoring or spiritual development.


A rebellious old soul that has travelled with her through numerous lifetimes gifts her with knowledge of spiritual and metaphysical matters that are not of this earth, together with her firm belief that the wisdom she has gained through her own life experiences, some traumatic, is relatable to many. Sharing this with the collective consciousness of all ages from young children to teens and adults. 


Her therapies are built on a methodology that focuses on responding to what is happening to you in the now with a clear path of resolution. By also acknowledging the past and how you came to be, bringing them together to create a new path to move forward towards incorporating her simple one-step approach for her clients.

Her developed intuition and inner knowing make it easy for her to problem-solve spiritual and therapeutic issues that awakened souls are facing today. After an awakening, many experience loneliness and isolation, while others struggle to "get them" or understand their psychic gifts and abilities.

She views spirituality in a grounded and practical way, teaching and guiding the collective that is not quite traditional, a little bit woo-woo, while still complementary to Western medicine when needed.

Claire believes that this life is ever-evolving, a journey in which she experiments with what works and what does not work is the wisdom she gains through trial and error is the key to helping her continue the re-evolution of the collective consciousness through her soul-led work.

Claire trusts in her intuition and inner knowing when connecting with clients. She teaches, mentors, and guides them on their spiritual journeys while living daily as multi-dimensional beings.

Claire's fondness for healing has extended into writing topics on Spirituality, Wellness, and Holistic Interior Design (Learn more about that here).


Many creative channels make up her unique style and offerings open the door to healing herself and others through a union of words and energy.


A published writer in this field, she offers further guidance through her own experiences for the collective in blogs, books, and courses.


If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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