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Your place in the world is you

I am thrilled to be sharing my experiences of ascending to 5D and my spiritual awakening with the collective consciousness.

What Clients Say

“Claire brings loving powerfully transforming space. Within seconds of our session starting, I felt many light beings around me offering love, healing and support. Then I fell asleep. I felt a lot lighter after the session. Love and gratitude.”

— Yuli K.

Hey, I`m Claire

An awakened soul, blogger and spiritual seeker 

Star of Avyon is a blog dedicated to spiritual awakening and ascension. I offer insights, guidance, and inspiration to individuals who seek to connect more deeply with their spirituality. By sharing my personal stories of transformation and the lessons I've learned along the way, I hope to support and uplift those on their own spiritual journeys.

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0421 887 644

Sydney, Australia 2155

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