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I believe we all go through an awakening, regardless if we label it as a spiritual one or not.


I also believe that our paths are unique, because this what our soul has chosen. 


We go through ups and downs, lots of circling around as we try to find out who we are, triggered by our  own external events, as well as what the collective is going through.


The one constant is that we are never alone, you may hear silence when you are in despair or screaming to the universe to help you.


Believe me I have been at this place many times.


We forget or we ignore or tune out the voice inside of us.

The universe speaks to use in whispers, nudges, signs and symbols.


Will we listen to the ego as it gets louder or will we make space for our soul to speak?


Essence is the first volume in my short form series. It is now available in my shop or on my facebook page. 


Available in PDF - (25 pages)


Included also is a sneak peak to my upcoming book A Guide to Ascension and into the 5th Dimension. 


I hope this book brings you moments of peace and, your evolution is magical.


With Love


(all sales are final)

Essence - Reflections of an Awakened Soul

  • PAGES: 25



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