Energy Healer Practitioner and Writer
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Meet Star of Avyon 

Alternative Holistic Practitioner

At Star of Avyon, Claire is a Multi-Dimensional Healer and Channeler and shares her knowledge and abilities with her years of training in alternative and holistic therapy.  

Claire's innate passion for healing has travelled with her through numerous lifetimes. An ingrained part of who she is and her firm belief this natural gift of healing is to be shared with the collective consciousness and one that is complementary to western medicine. 

Healing restores your health and improves your wellbeing. When we encounter physical, emotional, or mental trauma with no way of release, it can later manifest in the body as energy blocks. The body may respond externally in many ways. 

Claire trusts in her intuition and inner knowing when connecting with clients. She teaches, mentors and guides them on their spiritual.   

Claire offers one-on-one sessions in the clinic or via distance. Each session is powerful and transforming. A time for the soul to speak while dedicating space for the healing to unfold, with support for the body, mind, and spirit and reconnecting you to your divine being, You.   

Claire's fondness for healing has extended into writing topics on spirituality. A channel that allows her to heal herself and others through a union of words and energy. A published writer in this field, she offers further guidance through her own experiences for the collective in blogs, books, and courses.


Why Energy Healing?

It can help with

Energy Blocks

The body can become un-well or have discomfort. Healing will clear and re-balance the energy system in and around the body.


If you suffer from insomnia, feel run down, or have difficulty relaxing, a healing session will help you feel more calm and rejuvenated.

Immune, Cell & DNA Repair

Promote cell regeneration, support and boost the immune system, integration and recalibration of new light codes. 

Health and Well-Being

Our bodies signal us when in distress, we may have aches and pains or feelings of being overwhelmed. Restorative healing can improve across all areas of our life. 


Trauma without release remains in the body and can cause dis-ease.

Realign and clear your energy through healing.

Mental Health

Helps with those who suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental health alignments.


“Claire brings loving powerfully transforming space. Within seconds of our session starting, I felt many light beings around me offering love, healing and support. Then I fell asleep. I felt a lot lighter after the session. Love and gratitude.”

— Yuli K.


As of February 2022, all services are available in the clinic and via distance.