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Energy Healer Practitioner and Writer
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Meet Star of Avyon
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Meet Star of Avyon

At Star of Avyon, Claire is a Multi-Dimensional Healer and Channeler and shares her knowledge and abilities with her years of training in alternative and holistic therapy.  Claire's innate passion for healing has travelled with her through numerous lifetimes.


Her approach to healing is not traditional yet it is complementary to western medicine. The healing she provides is a response to what is happening to you in the now. To then acknowledge the past we can create a new path to move forward.


Claire delivers a grounded approach to spirituality. With practical tools, tips, ideas, thoughts, and visions to help those who are new to their awakening. Believes that this life is ever-evolving, a journey in which she experiments with what works and what does not work. It is the wisdom she gains through trial and error that is the key to helping continue the re-evolution of the collective consciousness.

Why Healing?

Why Energy Healing?

Healing is vital to our well-being. It feeds our emotional, physical mental, and spiritual selves, without it we become out of alignment. When this happens it can overflow into many areas of your life. Energy Healing is about feeling. The soul recognises the energy, the physical body feels the energy and becomes integrated into the body as it needs it.

What Clients Say

“Claire brings loving powerfully transforming space. Within seconds of our session starting, I felt many light beings around me offering love, healing and support. Then I fell asleep. I felt a lot lighter after the session. Love and gratitude.”

— Yuli K.


Contact Us

0421 887 644

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services offered distance world wide 

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