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The Courage In Forgiveness

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Understanding pain, and the courage we can find in ourselves when we give forgiveness

Women in white dress at beach on sand and water
Women in white dress at beach on sand and water

Ok, beloved souls, here is a touchy topic personally and one in general, but one I am willing to explore, digest and sort through, we may not think of courage when it has to do with forgiveness.

The word forgiveness has been on a synchronicity roller coaster i.e. popping up and around my path that I’ve been nudged to think more deeply about it.

It had started as a thought in my head after conversations with those in my spiritual circle, showing up in TV shows and in Youtube Videos. Okay universe I get the hint!

It also got me thinking, is the universe or my guides bringing to my attention an issue that I personally need to visit? ah yes most likely, very sneaky my guides can be. But it also guides me to ask other questions, where in my life do I need to forgive? Do I need to forgive others, or do I honor myself to go deeper and forgive myself?

As humans who are making the choice to live a spiritual experience, we find forgiveness on any level exceptionally difficult. Many of us struggle with this, and those who can forgive, forget and let go, Kuddos. For the rest of us, forgiveness is a crutch, it's mud, and it’s a manifestation in a not-so-good way.

We can hold onto those issues relating to forgiveness or lack of it, as energy that can form in our bodies as a block. I believe we can take this with us in the spirit world. Those on the other side of the veil understand this too.

The energy signature that forgiveness carries can be brought through many incarnations. We either suppress the guilt and carry it with us like a backpack, with further actions filling up the backpack until it overflows and gets too much. Or we push it away deep in our psyche to deal with another day, another life, or even just never at all.

By holding onto the memory of where forgiveness was required or needed, whether we searched for forgiveness or we never received it. Should we have risen above what was occurring and opened our hearts and given forgiveness to someone that may have hurt us? And did they deserve it?


The Path of Forgiveness

If we did choose the path of forgiveness, wouldn’t we be lighter, happier beings, or is the thought of working through forgiveness only to then let it go, something that can in fact be ahmazing?

As humans do we need to carry so much shit? because I feel if we did go down that path of forgiveness and let go and move on, we wouldn’t recognise ourselves. The beautiful space of healing of forgiveness leaves, and dare I say it, happy. Humans love misery… being happy and positive is a big effort when it shouldn’t be.

When it comes down to it: Do you forgive others, yourself? is it easy to do, or do you find it difficult? Do you not forgive at all, but eventually forget and just move on without ever worrying or dealing with it? Do you forgive but do not forget and in some way emotionally store that pain in the depths of your body until it rears its head, or do you get triggered? Do you forgive, forget, let go and move on?

All of the above can depend on the situation, the person, the circumstance, and who you are as a person. Whether you are working on your soul growth, trying to become a better soul or just a being that is not trying at all and going to the place called denial. It could also be our conditioning.

And unless you have done QHHT, hypnosis, akashic records, and past life regressions do you begin to get an idea of how much you have endured before this incarnation? It affects the time you reside here on Earth. As someone that has done a bit of regression, there has been some work on forgiveness for myself, what she did to others, and forgiveness for the trauma that was inflicted on her.

This blog is not here to judge those who read it or me for that matter. It is what we need as a collective consciousness.

I want YOU to be in a place of healing while you read this blog. Receive the healing into your body and energy system just by reading these words consciously taking it all or letting ting all wash over you, either way, is ok and it’s your choice should you choose to of course.

I want more than anything for all of you to venture on this unknown path of healing with me, you are not alone. Some of you, you may be aware of what you need in terms of healing or have recognised that there is work that needs to be done while in this life. For others, you just don’t know where to even start and, if this is overwhelming that's okay too.

Lifting the heavy weight of emotions

On a personal level, I had to really think about those questions I mentioned earlier, what kind of a forgiver am I? What my circumstances are, conditioning, etc allow me to forgive others, or doesn’t forgive it all? Why are some people or situations easier to forgive and others so hard?

Not acting out of forgiveness meant I was always heavy with emotion. Even as an Empath when we feel so much, having someone not forgive us or how they are feeling in the act of non-forgiveness can cut us like a sword and that sword digs deep into our soul and not forgiving others was the same.

I was used to the weight, the feeling of the emotions because it was all I knew. I didn’t know I could give myself a break, and stop spinning into a circle of misery and negativity. Did I know how free I could become by being able to forgive? No, I had no idea. It was such a part of me that if I let go enough to forgive, I could have room to bring forward new parts of me that could bloom.

That was scary, new parts of me, whoa what a concept!

But like any human, one of my many well-known talents is being stubborn, and if I don’t want to forgive myself or someone else until I am ready then you better believe I won't until I am good and ready. This occurred more at the beginning of my spiritual awakening, but now, not so much.

It is not just a once-off throwing I forgive (me or you) around like confetti, it’s a constant thing, I say it over and over and over until I begin to heal. This could take days, weeks, or months depending on the situation and what I am going through, and how much I want to work at really healing myself.

You will know when it begins to work as there is less background emotion that comes with when you speak the words I forgive (you or me) less crying, less pain, less anger, just less of everything. The more it's repeated, the more peace it brings you and you may have moments that will bring up new emotions or memories or thoughts that need forgiveness too and then you work through them too.

Letting go of the pain

The other part of forgiveness is letting go after forgiving and then handing it over to the universe or your ancestors to take over. This is not easy and letting goes is the next part of my healing that I need to work on. I do tend to forget on the surface but a part of me still holds a small part of that trauma for dear life. Because I feel so much, I feel as if I need to carry it because it’s a human expectation and something that my soul needs to keep reliving.

It just does that out of the fear of the unknown. I am aware of that. It is a tough place to be in because I know what is best for my soul's growth, yet a part of me still needs to hold on. I haven’t learnt yet how it feels to be completely free. Always in fear of the what if`s, but I will get there. I am fearful of what would happen if I let go more than I am now. Same as before, I won’t know who I am, it’s that freedom that is such a lovely experience that also scares me just the same.

Forgiveness and healing go hand in hand and take a lot of work if you are up to the challenge. It does build your level of courage, it gives you soul strength to deal with issues better next time you are in a place of having to forgive.

There are occurrences when we are going to be able to forgive and there are times when the pain is too great and we can only leave it behind to deal with some other time. We will live on a planet that is governed by free will and we have the choice to do what we want at any given moment.

We can choose to forgive, not for others but for ourselves because we deserve to be free. That is The Courage In Forgiveness.


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