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12 Lessons I Learned From My Spiritual Awakening.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Wisdom and knowledge of my own experiences, a personal path since my spiritual rebirth.

Wooden path bridge sunset dusk clouds
Wooden path bridge sunset dusk clouds

Below are some of the lessons I wish I had known after my spiritual awakening. I hope they help you to find your way in your own journey of self-discovery as a multidimensional soul being. Here are the 12 Lessons from my spiritual awakening.

  1. Be mindful of what you consume and how much. There is too much too soon. We want to absorb and learn everything we can about our new selves. It is a great approach. However, we can get overwhelmed and go down too many rabbit holes. What you need to learn, the higher self will retain this information for later when you need it.

  2. Only you know you. Listening to too many opinions and what others think is best for you can drown out your inner knowing and intuition. The lesson is discernment, knowing what aligns with you and what does not.

  3. Signs can show themselves in numerology, animal symbolism, synchronicities, feathers, etc. Take these as breadcrumbs from the higher self that you are going the right way. Acts as a guide should you step from your path and need redirection.

  4. Follow your heart and mind. If you are very analytical like me, it takes patience to balance them both. Know when it is wise to listen to the mental thoughts or when it is the ego trying to keep you from growing and evolving.

  5. Nurture your gifts and understand they will shift and change as you do. Just because you begin as a psychic or healer, or tarot reader means that is all you should be doing. These are like doors that will open you up to new gifts that usually expand as you grow spirituality. You may find gifts that serve their purpose for xx amount of years as they lead you to something else. If you love the gift and have a deep connection, bring it into your life. If you do not love it, it is okay to let it go. Your gifts are an extension of who you are. They do not define who you are.

  6. Be prepared for no one to “get you”. Isolation is a very real downside of an awakening. Your soul family will continue to change also. Being on your own is needed to regroup to spend time connecting to who you are. Being called crazy or too woo-woo is part of the path.

  7. Your emotions will feel more dominant, with an acute sensitivity to light, sound, and noises. Feel as if everything and everyone around you is in your face. It is your energy becoming more aware of its surroundings. Those who are empaths and highly-sensitive soul beings will notice this more. When your life gets too much, go back to point 6. Or check out my other posts on sensitive souls and empaths here

  8. Your outlook on life will change dramatically. What you knew before the awakening will never be the same. Your perspective of the real world will show its true colours and agendas. You may not be able to prepare yourself for some of the shocks you may encounter, but it is also a lesson to trust what you feel is the truth or not.

  9. Be prepared to move or live in areas you never thought you would live in. The same goes for places you travel to or visit. It is either a past memory, such as a past life you feel a deep connection to. It could be the frequency of your energy signature that ripples from you to raise the vibration of the particular area where you are most needed at the time.

  10. Nothing is too out there, no experience, dream, memory, or story is too out of the field. It won’t make sense to certain people around you, it doesn’t have to, as long as it’s true for you, it is all relative to your path.

  11. You will grow, fall apart, grow some more, dark nights of the soul and mini awakenings throughout your new life as an awakened soul, gaining a deeper understanding of who you are beneath all the layers and that dealing with trauma and other shadow work shows you how to heal from your past, move through it and get to the other side.

  12. You have a unique soul blueprint. The design of your uniqueness is your essence. How you got here and chose this incarnation is a soul choice. As you evolve, you may learn more about yourself through astrology, gene keys, and human design and express it through writing, speaking, teaching, or offering services.

Final Thoughts

An awakening is a key in the door unlocking your next adventure. Even though sometimes you question why you chose such an adventure. Other times, life will force you to go with the flow as it is the only way to move forward.

We are learning to become multidimensional beings with a new ability to ascend and descend just with our vibration.

I believe it is just as important to question your path and life here on earth as it is the re-evolution of the soul.

Intuition is the lighthouse in finding our way it is so we don’t crash into too many rocks. The inner light within all of us guides others to find their way in their awakening, demonstrating to others that awakening is not to be feared.


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