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How to Live as a Sensitive Person in a Not-So-Sensitive World.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

women thoughtful near wrought iron fence
women thoughtful near wrought iron fence

As a child growing up I was always told “oh you are so sensitive” why do you have to be so sensitive” or take a joke, or don’t be like that, you can’t be so sensitive in life. IAM a sensitive person, a very sensitive person, you may even label me as an HSP or a Highly Sensitive Person.

And, as a sensitive person, well feel all of that hurt and it still hurts today on a soul level.

However, if we sensitive folk do lash out because, for the most part, most of us hold all those thoughts in and only usually retaliate when we have had enough only to be then labelled, why are you so angry, well what would you have us be sensitive or angry?

Besides being “sensitive” I am a full Empath. I don’t mean to emphasise the FULL part, but I want you who read this to understand the extent of what I mean when I say a full Empath. I feel everything that everyone feels. The. Time and that also means that I feel everything on a collective level. Our collective consciousness is where I can empathetically feel waves of emotions that we humans are feeling on a soul level.

It has taken a few years to accept that being sensitive in today's world is okay. That it is okay to be sensitive in a world that can be cold, harsh, cruel and sometimes unforgiving. At times I don’t want to accept it because I feel so much that sometimes I get overwhelmed.

Being sensitive cultivates strength, not toughness but strength. Raw, determined, unwavering strength. We at times, unfortunately, have to learn through various experiences to be strong and keeping in mind that all our experiences are pre-determined, we chose this.

My soul made a selective intuitive decision before incarnation to be sensitive while also being an empath and a healer, a shaman, a psychic an intuitive, and a human. My soul chose all of this. All my experiences, and decisions good and bad. My soul chose to live until her very late 30s in a unawakened state and not on a great path trying to hide all who she was.

This was before I decided to wake up from my slumber and awaken to a new consciousness and gifts that just so happened to come through after the awakening.

It was my luck that my sensitivity that I kept hidden and was afraid of showing to others and the world, the sensitivity I had to mask behind a hard-outer shell which I still do today but not to the extreme as it has been. I`ve now found a space to be free within my soul family that I am part of.

The sensitivity had a home within my soul and it was okay to be there and more importantly, it was okay to be seen by the world. It was okay for me to let others in by being sensitive, unmasking my hard shell and being vulnerable at the same time. My soul family gave me room to breathe and to be all of me.

Balancing my sensitivity with my hot temper was no walk in the park. Due to my upbringing, and my limiting beliefs, living my life was like a light switch on for my temper off for sensitivity and back again. Always on / off, on / off. It has taken a bit of work to keep balanced. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes it completely falls apart and I’m back trying to gain balance.

At times, when I allowed my sensitive side to come through I was taken advantage of, put down verbally and even had my feelings dismissed because I chose at that moment to be sensitive. From those experiences, parts of me shut down and became closed off and I went further into my shell. This too shapes who I have become and even though those experiences occurred, I find a way to keep going, it's that strength that I mentioned before. You will be surprised how it resurfaces when you let it.

But, through some of those experiences you learn that there are certain people in your life that you can show your sensitivity to, they even welcome it and those same people will also hold space for you while you heal from a not-so-great experience if that so happens too. You also learn the hard way in some cases that some people just won’t get you.

They, for whatever reason, can’t understand or even empathise with you as to why something is cutting at your core, why something hurts you so much.

They, for whatever reason, can not comprehend your level of sensitivity.

We must take a step back and accept that they just won’t understand the level that we are seeking and for that, we are to walk away. You then choose on what level you want to interact with them moving forward. That can be the hardest thing to do because we all on some level want to be heard, acknowledged for who we are flaws and all and most of the feeling of being understood. As a sensitive Empath soul, I want that more than anything for myself and everyone that is “sensitive”.

How to live as a sensitive person?

Know that you are strong, you are resilient, and you have hearts and souls that feel so much, that can give so much. You are so worthy of this beautiful gift.

It is time to start honouring our sensitivity. It is time to ooze this sensitivity into the darkest parts of ourselves that we have kept hidden that is now ready to shine. It is time to bring forward our sensitivity and expanded heart centres to others and into this into our entire world. It is time to show that being sensitive also means we are strong and endure more than most.

We as sensitive souls are here to show compassion and to show others that it is okay to be sensitive, it is more than okay… it is our gift that will change the world.


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