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Building A New Earth With A Tribe Mindset

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

5 people standing on ground near mountain tribe native
5 people standing on ground near mountain tribe native

You could be the black sheep of the family, different and not fit into normal society. Or you are the sacred rebel, the outcast, the misfit, the mystic, the awakened soul.

You are part of something bigger than yourself. This “something” is not outside of you. The definition of a Tribe has many definitions and many examples. What a tribe looks like is also very different.

You are part of the collective consciousness, which creates a tribe that supports you, me, and everyone else. It is the universe and the planet we inhabit. The energy, the vibration, a frequency that remains unseen but felt and binds us together.

The tribe is an energy force, an inner compass. Without the universe, you would not be here. Without incarnating at this time, you would not be here.

Thousands of tribes are all over the world and are still here today. What connects them is being human. They are together and separate at the same time. Fear divides us as a collective we have not let Love transcend this.

A binding of souls is the collective consciousness. It is a universal tribe of beings that come from their ancestral heritage.

Yet we ask ourselves why we still feel isolated, alone, and invisible when we are part of a worldwide tribe.

There is an energetic pull right now. Those of us who are energy sensitive feel this. We are seeking a tribe, seeking space where we can be ourselves.

Many are choosing to walk away from what has become expected or what is normal. Society’s expectations to be a certain way, live a predestined existence, and that we have to be anything but the same are enough to change the direction we want to walk.

The world is evolving around you, almost unrecognisable now, standing still while life speeds past, wondering if you will ever find your place.

You are tired and have been weary, carrying generations of emotions and traumas on your shoulders. Yet, you are resilient, courageous daring to be who you are. Your shadow aspects are healing bit by bit. Your intuition gives clues and an indication of a newer version of you that is already unfolding.

You are exactly where you need to be at any given moment. What we offer the world are the ingredients that make us different and unique that only further add to the value of the collective tribe of the universe. Those elements that make up your individuality that ripple out to others seeking the same.

This is a reminder to remain focused on yourself with compassion. It raises the frequency of the planet, stabilising any uncertainty and fear.

As this continues, the gradual increase of the vibration of our planet Earth will shift, and the true meaning of a tribe will emerge.

How we choose to experience the new earth or what it will look like will be different for all of us, and the path to get there will be challenging as we collectively attempt to shape and mold it differently to what we have already seen.

New territory of frequencies and vibrations that have already begun to be integrated into the planet by the way-showers and grid-keepers. When we collectively decide to move forward with the light shining our way rather than the darkness of fear and remember we are all one will be the energy we need to build the new earth.


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