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Has Spirituality Become More About Ego Than Being of Service?

When spiritual qualities become a tool for ego-boosting

Recently, I came across a story that said if you have 5 qualities you may be one of the chosen ones to make a difference. My immediate thought was, what a way to create a divide in an already divided spiritual community.

It is not a matter of mentioning those 5 qualities because I don't think they are relevant. What I am concerned about is assigning a label of 5, 10, or even 20 qualities that determine you are more elite than someone else. This is an enlightened state of mind that feeds only one thing - the ego.

It wasn`t that long ago that I wrote about toxic positivity in new-age spirituality, and when it goes too far, the ramifications are damaging to our mental health.


Using Discernment and misconceptions

The impact this has on someone who has just had a spiritual awakening, still learning to discern what they should take in, or who they even are is concerning.

It is a misconception that a spiritual awakening and if you have certain qualities, that maybe you a chosen one. The problem with this is that it feeds the ego.

At the time of my awakening almost 10 years ago, back then, working on your shadow work was common knowledge, but it wasn't ever as mainstream as it is today.

Even in my early days when I attended spiritual circles, there was a lot of love and light being thrown around that boosted the ego. It was very easy to get swept up in the delusion of it all if you didn't have the right circle or mentors.

I fell for this deception too. The way I broke through that was because I saw through the fake personas and true colours of those I thought I trusted. It was a big lesson in learning discernment and trusting my own inner guidance.

So, to even write a story saying that certain qualities make you a chosen one and that because of it, they may be here to make a difference. This only creates silos. We are just creating more and more division. And then it adds to the dilemma of who is truly awake or just woke.


Making a difference in the world

We all have qualities that are collectively common and individual. To make a difference in the world isn't designated to a certain group of souls.

If you feel it is your purpose or in alignment with your truth to make a difference, then that's the path you take. It should not be determined by a set of qualities or even by your faith.

The truth and why I chose to respond to this story, is that I feel somewhat protective of the newly awakened. I have been there. I know how it can become overwhelming very quickly.

These are souls who are still working out who they are after an awakening.

I doubt they are even contemplating what qualities make them unique or special. In addition to all of that, now they need to fit into some spiritually enlightened magical box.


Balancing the ego

When we walk our spiritual path we learn that the ego mindset takes us out of our body.

What we learn through this human experience is that the focus is inward, what is within us is what radiates out of us energetically.

The reality is that we are all chosen.

We made the choice to incarnate here on earth at this time. We have the free will of our own life to live in our divinity or our ego. Being able to identify when our ego is being helpful for our growth. Or we are using it to create division and competition.

Everyone has a right to believe what they want to believe. And, It wouldn't be me if I didn't speak up and question the motive behind writing such a story. One that suggests that unless you have certain qualities you are nothing, so go back to being no one.

We all have characteristics that have been defined by labels. It isn't a question of qualities.

It is characteristics, beliefs, morals, and consciousness that makeup who we are and determine the experience and life we lead.

Those who have been awakened and chose to take paths where they educate and guide others, I feel are a responsibility to the collective. Aligning with integrity - all should be taken very seriously. Waking up is consciously being mindful of what they channel, and how they share their information.

As we move through our awakening, over months or years, is an important lesson that many newly awakened souls go through.


Final Thoughts

Whether I believe that there are “qualities” that make you a chosen one is irrelevant because my beliefs are not in line with every person on the planet.

The lesson in this story is discernment.

When you hear, watch, or read something on social media, the first thing you should notice is the reaction your body makes. Is it a yes or does your head nod in agreement, it feels right in the body?

Or, is it making you feel uneasy? Do you feel pressured to accept what it is, even if it doesn’t feel right?

I know which one I am choosing.

The collective is in the middle of a global shift and breaking out of illusions. The personal ones we create and the collective ones that attempt to keep many asleep, in fear, and feed an ego.

We are here to change the world, by making a difference in our self and that is by healing ourselves first.

As this continues, and should we then choose to be of service to the collective, we are to be more conscious of the energy we put out into the world. 

This energy is what forms unity and our ego remains in balance within our divinity.

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