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Toxic Positivity in New Age Spirituality

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Is it time to question the new age spiritual teachings?

women reading purple pink glitter book positivity
women reading purple pink glitter book positivity

I have personally never been a positive person. It is true. I tend to see the negative side of a situation before I find the silver lining. In my defense, I am a problem solver. I do not necessarily see things as pessimistic in the first place.

Even though it comes across that way, I have a knack for resolving and fixing things. Improve processes to better me personally or my community. And while I believe that having a positive outlook is beneficial to maintaining hope, I feel we are not seeing the dark side of being positive. It is when it goes too far, becomes toxic, and is harmful to our mental health.

More so, it is infiltrating the spiritual community like a bad weed. To be a multidimensional spiritual being, I believe in acknowledging our light and dark aspects. As a result, it becomes fake, an icky sticky feeling, using it as a band-aid when it comes to trauma.

For example, Toxic Positivity in New Age Spirituality looks like- telling someone to meditate, by doing so it helps them heal from trauma, anxiety, or depression. Meditation is a tool to use in addition to other therapies. But, it is not a quick fix for many people to repair unresolved issues.

Therefore I feel guided to offer my perspective on how it fits within Spirituality. It would not be a little rebellious of me to question a narrative in the collective.

Reflecting on past years that I too, hopped on the positivity bandwagon. I wasn't exempt. I used to throw the words love and light around like it was glitter, cringing a little now.

I look back at the blogs I first wrote around my awakening, and my early Instagram posts included the hashtags of those exact words love and light. I also remember being slightly rebellious at my awakening, I was all for the love and light, but I was frenemies with the darkness too.

It could have been then, when I was still green, a newbie. Unlike now, a seasoned multi-dimensional awakened soul being. Eyes wide open, heart guarded, yet still feeling the sadness in the world. How can many of us even feel positive?

Wondering how long it will take for this global shift of awakened souls to turn the tables of misery once and for all. And that Love and Light will be what it means and a way of living our true essence.

Is the world in such a dreadful state that the concept of our reality is like an almost finished murky coffee cup sitting in the kitchen sink for too long? What about the type of people who rinse their coffee cups? Do they have a clearer happier vision than those who have left their mugs in the sink unwashed?

External Influences and Circumstances

Could my long-term and somewhat unhealed abandonment issues, which I believe, everyone including the universe, will desert me, leaving me on an island in the middle of nowhere surrounded by eagles circling above, waiting to see if I will give up stop me from creating a more realistic reality?

Some say our astrological influences like a Saturn return, hard-aspected planets, and retrogrades are partially to blame for the run of bad luck, putting you back up against a concrete wall that is only as strong as your emotions.

We are in the Age of Aquarius; we have never been here before, with way-showers, spiritual warriors walking before us on their spiritual journey planting the ascension seeds years ago. Could it be that their channelled guidance was wrong? Was it right? Is this the way we are supposed to evolve and gradually awaken?

And, our ascension symptoms, solar storms, earthquakes, and wars also energetically contribute to a soul feeling the heavy weight of the world is on their shoulders, feeling helpless. I saw a post on social media that said, "Stop playing the victim if you want to overcome your struggles".

Others were just as misleading "Be more positive, more this or more that". It is becoming tiresome, in my opinion. Our emotions are not a light switch that we can turn on and off just because someone said we should.

Therefore, toxic positivity that is dished out on an Instagram post when many are fragile emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually does not allow a soul to step out of the version they have created with ease, becoming even more difficult. The pressure is not to be mistaken as being fake, too crazy, or too woo-woo.

Am I being too sensitive, is the delivery of these kinds of posts too harsh to someone who can tune into someone's energy field? Am I triggered because of past trauma, or does my intuition tell me something feels off because I can sense how fake it is coming across to me through my phone?

Through my own experiences, I believe we can have too many external influences that can contaminate a version of reality. We make choices every day, influenced by what is occurring in the exterior areas of our lives. Many possible scenarios can, of course, change the course of our future. Some of us wander around with rose-coloured glasses and high walls because of the trauma and pain we have braved.

Co-Creating with the Universe

Another new age concept is that we "co-create with the universe". We work hand in hand with a greater power, some faith, and a belief that something out there is taking a step as we take a step. Then there is "divine timing" that is part of the co-creation. It is supposed to happen at a time that is just right for the universe.

But what happens in the meantime? A person`s current interpretation of the reality they are living may be one where everything is falling apart. Instead, we are led to think our reality should be camouflaged in false hope, with no firm grounding into the now. Floating around in the clouds, then left feeling guilty because they lied to themselves.

Truth and Manifestations

How we should manifest comes with many interpretations and mixed messages about the law of attraction or being in alignment. Confusing to those new to the idea, and for others, difficult to harness into their realities.

Whereas, if you don’t manifest the correct way, or have a certain mindset, then your manifestations are not guaranteed, etc, etc. Who is to say any of it is right? It may not directly be positive, but many small teachings that add to the great pool of what there already is in the community are not helping either.

The truth is, we are still learning what it means to manifest. We are not walking around manifesting wars and poverty. Neither are we walking around with a magic wand turning everything we touch into gold. If it is that easy, everyone would be doing it.

We have barely scratched the surface of Spirituality. What does it look like to embody a multi-dimensional soul being? It has not been an easy pathway for many of us.

Humans have inhabited earth for centuries; awakened souls are only in the last 40- 50 years. Who knows what this all will look like a year or five years from now?

We are missing the point and not seeing the truth beyond the labels. Wasting too much time trying to label what we feel, what we are, and what we do when we forget to just be.

Earth is a school, and we are here to move past everything that holds us back. Use our experiences and lessons as a guide to growing emotionally and spiritually.

We forget that we are all learning to be a soul that has never made it past this point in its evolution. We have all had to play a part in our life story, and if you believe in reincarnation, then souls have been reliving their roles in different ways for many lifetimes.

Final Thoughts

My guidance for you is this: when you come across a post or a tweet that does not feel right within you, do not question that. Find what feels right, not what you think should feel right. My story may not feel right to you. That is okay! If you question this story, even better.

Along the way, we have forgotten to check in with ourselves and believe that what we outwardly portray is what defines us. If you decide one day to be positive, and tomorrow you are negative, neither is right nor wrong.

It is consciously recognising the signals the body and intuition give us that will help us collectively evolve into more heart-centered multi-dimensional beings and leave teachings where they should be, from the spirit and soul.


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