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Heal The Soul - Not The Inner Child

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Why Inner Child Healing is a Misconception and It's Really About Healing the Soul.

women facing the sun
women facing the sun

In any spiritual book, blog, podcast, or YouTube Video you can find anyone voicing their opinion and views on inner child healing or how to heal the soul and how you must heal it, speak to it, etc... I find that it is a bit of a myth.

I believe it is the soul we should be healing, here is why.

I have been on a spiritual awakening for some time now and like any rebel to the cause, I question a lot of spiritual terms that have been reinforced for us to believe or live by.

I’m not saying don`t question it, or that it is wrong. I will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t believe. You should use discernment in everything you come across on social media and just because I am told something means I have to believe it. In the end, you can decide if you agree or disagree.

The term Child Ego State, which in some models is called the Inner Child, was originally coined by Eric Berne, a Canadian psychoanalyst.

It was published by Eric that there is a three ego-state model with a Parent, a Child, and an Adult, in which only the Adult is in contact with the here and now. I won't go into it in full detail here.

But, It leaves me asking this question:

Why is it so important that the focus has been on an inner child scenario?

If it is true and it is really an ego of sorts then why does it need healing? why is the word ego mentioned when it has to do with the inner child? and why is it set out so that it has a parent, child, and adult aspect? It is confusing to me. Not to mention discussing the subject of ego and its connection with the inner child in itself is another blog entirely.

For this debate, we will concentrate on just the topic of the inner child.

In my opinion, I do not believe there should be separation, the ego is also a part of us, it is not outside of us. And it is suggested that It should be embraced and integrated into who we are whether we like it or not.

Isn't this the problem? that we are bringing divide within our own conscious beings?

Why are we making this concept so complicated?

This adds to even more pressure on ourselves to try and heal the "proper way" or the way we are supposed to heal that will eventually bring you into some magical realm of enlightenment. Very few attain on earth. All this does, is just add another label to the already long list of labels humans attach to anything and everything, and leaves room for more judging. Ourselves and others.

I feel that It is not the healing of the inner child that we should focus on but the trauma associated with an experience that occurred in childhood or at any age.

This trauma is what lingers in the soul (and body) if not healed.

As an energy healer that assists the collective, I travel on journeys with my clients to help them retrieve parts of their souls for healing. It always comes back to clear the trauma from which, an emotion has surfaced and, that hasn’t had a safe space to be released out of our energy bodies.

It has remained dormant in this life or a past life or pushed deep down. That emotion then sets up home as an energy block in our cells and DNA that can, in turn, have a domino effect on other parts of one's life. We become out of alignment, and we feel heavy and have a deep inner feeling of something unresolved within us.

When we are able to address the trauma, where it came from, and what caused it to remain behind in the body. It is the trauma big or small that is asking to be healed and released.

The "inner child" is just the words we have used as humans to make sense of something, we back it with a scientific explanation when really it is just energy. An energy that can be transformed into healing, into light into divine pure love. This energy surrounds you and is within you, it all requires attention. When the trauma has healed the block within your body is healed.

A soul is just that. It is nothing more nothing less. It sits in the driving seat of your life, dances in the light, and dances in the darkness but never changes its identity or purpose. The path it is on can travel in many directions depending on the experiences that are chosen.

We may have experienced trauma at any stage of our life so why does the "inner child" only need healing? why talking only to you as a young child is so important when your cells hear, see and feel every single emotion, word, feeling, and experience during your entire life? We always come back to ONE. There is only one of you, your consciousness belongs to you only. Unless AI gets involved, that's a thought I do not want to entertain.

Our soul is at one with our body, it is our consciousness. It sits within a vessel - our body. The entire body can require healing at any time, it can present itself as a physical or emotional symptom. The trauma can manifest as a dis-ease in the body.

Isn't this a good place to start to begin the healing? we intend to eventually heal all of ourselves, not just parts of us.

If we look at healing our soul, our trauma, the experiences and facing the emotions, doing our shadow work, facing our guilt, and shame, and repairing the mistakes, all that come to the light during our lifetime, are for our attention.

Then wouldn't that set our soul free? Wouldn`t we feel a lot lighter after we have let go of our emotional baggage? And, we are in no contest to do this all at once, we may not even "choose" to do all the healing in this lifetime either.

Healing the inner child places energy into a compartment that does not really need a label or a compartment. Energy is our vibration, it is our frequency. Our souls have their own unique frequency signature. The type of healing you need will be at the frequency level you are at, at the time of healing.

I guide you to stop focusing on just one tiny bit of our divine self, when really, we are infinite beings of divine pure light and pure consciousness.

Healing the soul is bringing back parts of who you are. Healing the trauma heals your soul you become more in alignment with your true self, bringing peace to your soul.

Isn't this all we really want?

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