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How To Survive When You Are in a Job That Sucks Your Soul.

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

A spiritual approach to nourishing the soul in any situation


I find myself here again, working the 9 to 5 while my soul drifts into entrepreneur life, wishing I didn't have to feel so frustrated I can't be living my dream.

I've been reading a lot of stories on Medium about jumping off the ledge and into the unknown, being your own boss, or working-traveling gypsy. I feel inspired and confident that I too can have the freedom beyond the financial, freedom for my creative soul to roam free painting rainbows in the technicolour sky watching all of my dreams manifest.

Then the reality hits, you remember the mortgage is due soon, the rego of your car needs to be paid, you have vet bills, credit cards, or families to feed and that nomad life sits on the shelf next to your coffee cup that reads "your a star". That's where your dreams evaporate too into the stars burning and disintegrating into nothing until you dream your next dream or journal your next ideas that you believe for sure would kill it on Shark Tank.

You are left feeling torn, hearing the cries of your soul while you attending another teams meeting that could have definitely been an email. For many of us taking that big leap is also a huge financial decision, I don't have dependents or a husband that can financially support me while I follow my dream. And, I am too independent for that anyway.

Yes, as a spiritually awakened soul knows there is no limit to what the universe can provide for us but it is the in-between jumping off the edge and learning to fly before we soar that is what I am talking about.

That in-between has to be supported somehow and the cost of living is not giving up anytime soon. Try living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. This heavy thought weighs on my shoulders holding me down making it harder to take that leap of faith.

On my way to and from my current job, there is an hour's journey. During that time is where I allowed myself to dream a little dream. Write notes in my notion journal, and believe for that one hour that I really can have that gypsy soul lifestyle.

It is also during this hour I realised, it's not about surviving because let's face it, we are already doing that. Instead, it's a reframing, a different viewpoint of the situation. Surviving feels morbid and does not allow us any peace. We don't want that, we want that peace in our soul.

It's not about positive thinking either. Because if you have to fake how you feel then it's toxic and just a cover for not acknowledging the truth of how you really feel and the reality of your current situation.

I am not a person that can say, I don't care about my job and it's just a job, I'm here for the money type of job. Truth is I do care, that's why I have felt my job was sucking my soul. My co-workers have lives too and this is a business based on someone else's dream. Also, my soul wasn't reassured or acknowledged that this is temporary for however long that is.

I can't just not care about a job it's not who I am, I was fighting myself, hating myself, frustrated and angry with myself because this is where I am at right now.

There are 2 sides to this.

The first side - the negative feeling is an indication that this current job may not be in alignment with my soul calling and the spiritual journey/life that I am on is about finding that. The second side is - am I willing to acknowledge that I have a lot of fear around entrepreneurship as my previous endeavors have failed?

Not everyone`s story will be like mine, we each have our own path when it comes to what terms we decided to survive a job.

How do You Survive Your Job?

The key lesson I have learned to avoid your soul being dragged down into the lower dimensions is a duality that is reflected in acceptance. That your current situation is the light and darkness that is a reflection of the self, it has its good and its bad aspects.

It's not about fixating on what is bad more than what is good or the opposite of that. The universe is a moment-to-moment kind of entity, always moving, forever evolving. If we have this approach to our job or any aspect of our life we won't feel like every day is like an episode of Survivor.

Could you be more grateful? sure, yes you could, but I feel it's more than practicing gratitude. Many of us don't "intentionally" say or energetically are we are ungrateful. It is that life feels heavy at times which makes us feel we don't know how we will continue.

Living moment-to-moment requires us to find balance. Being more neutral, and not allowing us to be swayed as much by our emotions. We are not always going to find that balance, some moments will be harder than others.

Even the universe doesn't worry about what has been, it keeps moving forward with temporary energy that flows forward in movement. Reminding us that being stuck is the holding phase so we can make that next decision or choice that gets us back on the spiritual path or that we apply for another job.

Other times, that etheric cord that connects our soul to our existence breaks because it has done its job. There is a new path ahead that we may not be able to see yet, but we may be able to intuitively feel or notice with synchronicities.

It is not being dis-illusional about our reality as we are responsible for creating it. We are not always going to be in alignment with ourselves 100% of the time. Finding peace in your soul may not come in your job so don't waste time looking for it there.

Go on a journey where you can find it in other areas of your life. Maybe it's starting that blog, helping your community, going to a yoga class, or starting a hobby that you have been waiting to try like art or pottery. Choices you can make that will help you survive at your job until your life takes that next right turn towards something else.

Final Thoughts

I am consciously building more awareness of where I see everything around me is temporary. Living in the moment is more nourishing to my soul than fighting myself that my life is not as perfect as how I want it to be, right now anyway.

The spiritual journey is learning many things and that includes acceptance, alignment, and balance. Living as a multi-dimensional being ever-evolving. Consciously bringing more moment to moments into our daily life is what each of us can do when we feel ready, there are an endless amount of moments for us to experience.


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