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How to Better Understand The 4 Bodies of Ascension.

Updated: May 9

The physical, mental, spiritual, and etheric. What does it mean for an awakened soul on their Ascension path?

four people a group of friends happy and laughing in sunshine
four people a group of friends happy and laughing in sunshine

There are a total of seven spiritual dimensions. I call them something slightly different - bodies. Each one makes up our human self and connects our souls. They act as individual vehicles while working together to live, survive, and experience life in this and future incarnations.

Each human holds DNA within every soul, each a unique genetic code. A blueprint for every experience, trauma, emotion, feeling, and thought. The ultimate record keeper of incarnations, intertwined with every life, regardless of how long or short that time is a sequence of codes that are a manual to our evolution.

Out of the seven bodies or dimensions, I feel that the following four are essential to know if you are new to your spiritual awakening and reflect the crucial time we are in now as we collectively go through a mass awakening.

All are divinely designed to work in harmony and often fall out of discord. When that occurs, it can be seen in the physical body by illness or dis-ease. Even having a cold is one way the body heals itself, dispersing the old energy to help it bring it back into order.

These are the 4 Bodies of Ascension:

The Physical Body

The physical is one that we all know. Flesh and bones that will change and grow throughout our lifetime. A container of our organs, muscles, bones, ligaments, and blood in one physical construction. It is the ensemble of our human existence in this lifetime and what grounds us in this dimension. A home that carries our mental body in our mind that sits within the brain. The spiritual is energy all around us, within us, and in our aura.

This body holds the soul, the life chi that never stops flowing. Without it, we stop breathing and living.

The Mental Body

Our Mental state is not actually a body in the physical sense. It is a central part of ourselves that make decisions, keep us stuck or in loops, and fights head-to-head with the heart. Give us sleepless nights, insomnia, overthinking, and unpleasant thoughts and patterns.

On the positive side, it can help us visualise ideas, manifestations, and vision boards. A pathway of communications we use to write, read or speak, think tanks to solving our problems.

Thoughts should appear and disappear just as quickly as they arrived. The brain works as a filtration system. As humans, we are all learning how much of an influence an unhealthy and unaligned mindset can affect our lives. When you become awakened, a much deeper realisation occurs, and your awareness heightens more than it ever has before. Indicates where the head and heart are out of balance.

There are those like me whose mental state seems comparable to playing squash. Thoughts overtake me and keep hitting a wall over and over again. Resulting in headaches, migraines, and drowning in feelings of overwhelm and disassociation. Not a place you want to be too often.

Our instincts and intuition are beneath the surface when we play this game but the mental state fogs this guidance, attempting to surface. When the mind can support and gets together with the heart, it could win a point every now and then.

The Spiritual Body

Before a spiritual awakening, we may only be aware of 3 out of the four selves, physical, mental, and spiritual. The spiritual may be called different things depending on your faith.

In the spiritual body, the essence of our soul illuminates through the physical. It is a bond that has always been there. Until a soul experiences an awakening or a near-death experience happens, does it become more prominent. It becomes a trigger to your consciousness, and you begin to notice there is more to you, to life and the world around you.

An internal torch that turns on is unlike a battery-powered option. A type of light source remains ignited. Sometimes as a bright spark that lights up a room or a dim light that is a tiny flickering that can only be visible in the shadows.

The Etheric

The last is etheric. A little unknown to some of us, connecting a chord to our soul that travels out of our body. It can help ground us and allows the soul to astral-travel or travel between the dimensions where only the higher self lets you go. At the same time, the body remains in the physical plane.

We decide how we want that light to shine. Some shine it with no hindrance, no shadows, and unapologetic. Others have lights that have the ability to shine so brightly that they blind you but are kept in the dark so as not to overshadow anyone else`s light. The fear of brightness scares these souls. Light and shadow play a tango dance that may never end.


What does this mean for an awakened soul on their Ascension path?

We could compare the different bodies to the dimensions. My explanations may not be textbook either, so you may find there are variations in definitions as others have explained or written. I believe the message is the same. All aspects, dimensions, or bodies are to be in harmony, and we all endeavor to raise our vibrations to reach higher dimensions. It is worth noting that this is an individual and collective journey.

The third dimension is the physical plane, the level our bodies reside here on earth. The fourth can represent the mental state that we attempt to transcend and master before we reach the fifth.

It is where we hope our paths of ascension take us, depending of course, on our soul contracts. The 5th is a state of mind, not a physical place we will visit.

It is the vibration our energy matches once it has released the human constructs of our 3D mindset. A vibe our souls remember, like a long-lost love from long ago that once lived and breathed from the heart.

It is the vibration of one-ness that recognses in its entirety that we are all connected as one. It is acknowledging and understanding the seven dimensions, while creating a place for these four dimensions we aim to embody as multi-dimensional soul beings.


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