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My Spiritual Awakening Story - A Short Story.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

My Life was never the same again

women in grass fields at sunset curly hair
women in grass fields at sunset curly hair

My spiritual awakening story happened in 2015

I wasn't early to the game, but I wasn't late either.

Not because of kundalini awakening or something extraordinary either. Two personal traumatic events gave it a big push and caused the awakening to occur soon after.

The signs that I was not of this world and always felt out of place were there for a while.

Childhood and life experiences got in the way until that day when it all started to fall apart.

In hindsight, this was when it was also coming together.

Soon after my awakening is when I found out I was an empath, the emotional rollercoaster I had been on for most of my life included:

  • Anxiety

  • Emotional highs & lows

  • Depression

  • Withdrawing

  • Difficulty making friends

  • Questioning everything trying to find the truth

  • Knowing and feeling emotions and thoughts that were unexplainable to others around me, but felt true to me.

After the Empath discovery, I soon discovered I had psychic abilities. These shocks bounded together - a double whammy.

Gifts that I had bottled all my life, especially in my childhood. My home environment did not know how to nurture my uniqueness or how to make sense of who I was, acceptance from those around me was surface level.

I was brought up in a strict catholic home. Woo Woo stuff wasn`t a topic of conversation at Sunday ethnic lunch over plates of pasta.

I had to be careful who I told. I learned that lesson many times, and some of those lessons hurt more than others.

Once I accepted the empath and psychic gifs there was no way to keep them bottled up, they had to come to the surface. The new gifts brought physical symptoms to the surface... Headaches, migraines, body aches, upset stomachs, mood swings, emotional outbursts, and anxiety

I didn't know at the time that most of these were not mine, but what I had absorbed from those around me. Some symptoms were a direct response to dark or low-vibration energy around me. It took a long time to separate others' emotions from mine.


A year or so later after my awakening and learning about my gifts, there was another part of me emerging.

The gift of energy healing.

This was the hardest hurdle, the initiation of feeling the energy between my hands the first time was what made it feel real. I was told years before this experience that I was a healer. Of course, I didn't believe it at first.

Another double-edged sword.

I did my best to deny that this was even possible, could I really have this gift that had spanned lifetimes and most likely, had been inherited from past generations. I fought an internal battle because for the first time in my life energy healing felt right.

It felt like home.

I had an inner knowing that this was what I have done for lifetimes. I started doing meditations, I acknowledged that this was true by what was shown to me, but my stubborn nature wouldn't let me completely accept it for a long time.

So much denial that I fought to protect the gift of healing and keep it private.

That hasn't changed today, while I have a business offering healing and mentoring, I don't go around boasting about it or showing it off. Energy Healing and all my gifts are sacred. A sacred exchange of source / galactic energy, healing, DNA, and light codes.

I feel that deep in my soul.

Channeled through me from the abundance of Gaia and source, together with many lifetimes of experiences all coming together in this lifetime. The energy that flows through me to my clients, comes as healing & channeled guidance. Lifetimes of wisdom and experiences downloaded from the ethers into this life experience, this incarnation.


Fast forward almost 10 years, and there are more awakened souls than there have ever been before. The tipping of unawakened to awakened is flowing through the universe like a stream before it reaches the open ocean where it won`t be able to be contained and will wash over everyone. All of humanity will be experienced by the soul contracts they decided at our incarnation. Others will depart and move on to their next journey.

In the last 10 years, I have endured many challenges and many traumatic events. I lost friends and family because of the light within me that shines so bright. A light that we all carry that has been seeded to us by the star family we see up in the sky at night.


Many times I wanted to give up and "go home".

I haven't learned the complete act of surrender, or finished my shadow work (really who has?), I don`t trust the universe or energy outside of me because my biggest lesson in this lifetime is to trust myself before I place trust outside of me. My life and my healing are far from perfect.

My way of thinking is unique, I question everything, especially what has been said to be the truth when they feel like myths. It shocks a lot of people when I speak up, especially if it threatens a narrative. It is me, the soul that seeks healing, not the "inner child".

A concept that has been gospel for many years in the spiritual circles and teachings has never felt in alignment. I don't always have the confidence to speak out, burned from past experiences and most likely lifetimes because it is "nonsense" or that it isn`t true.

I am finding my voice now, it has taken all this time to get here. I have been afraid to share my story and the real multi-dimensional me.

The soul is the driver and the passenger traveling through lifetimes to find serenity, and a home for the soul to rest. Everyone who has had an awakening or will have an awakening, their story will be unique to them and their circumstances. Some souls will find it easier to endure, others will have a more difficult passage.

This is only a fragment of my story so far, the rest is yet to be written.

What is your story?


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