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Navigating the Challenges of Dating as an Awakened Soul

Expectations Vs Reality

As an awakened soul, you have the opportunity to experience the duality of the dating scene, you can choose to date awakened and un-awakened souls hoping that something will just feel right. I have done both.

Both have their challenges, advantages, and disadvantages.

In the past, I was a serial dater but have also stayed single for years at a time. Had my share of very long and very short relationships or “experiences”. Some of them only lasting a matter of days or just a week.

Now in my mid-40s, a very old soul who still struggles to fit in everywhere or nowhere most of her life. My attitude to dating is still very traditional, yet contradictorily conscious and with a spiritual mindset.

What I am not, is leaving emotions at the door just for some physical companionship. Tried that a few years ago besides my better knowledge and intuition. I Have remained single since that interaction, minus a few dates here and there.


Generations of conditioning

Growing up, I had a lot of relationship conditioning by those around me. Together with some limiting beliefs that as an awakened soul, I have had to learn to let go of the expectations of everything, even more so when it comes to dating.

This has been part of conditioning from my parents at no fault of their own. As those, who were before them have inherited the same conditioning from the generation before them.

They learned that nothing was ever good enough, never happy, and couldn't live in the moment. Working for the future, to settle down and have children.


Outdated beliefs

When I reflect back on my past relationships, not one has completely felt right a 1 million times percent. None that I wanted to remain in to get married or even have children.

Of course, I could have, or should have stayed in unhealthy and unaligned relationships because of other’s expectations. Or, for the sake of it. To make everyone else around you happy while your soul craves more. To be married and have children was not my idea of happiness if it didn't even feel right.

I knew deep down, that my life meant more than a heritage of expectations. For a very long time, I believed it. But I also knew I was here to do more.

And even more so, committing to an expectation was not true for me. Whether this was for society’s expectations or the ingrained programming we have had to follow for hundreds of years.

And of course, I love to go against the grain and challenge what society expects of us. Who doesn’t? Isn’t this why some souls wake up in the first place?

Part of my awakening has had me look at this current incarnation. I was brought up in a strict catholic family, and everything I said and did challenged the installed belief system in every way.

Yet, when I remember when I first connected to source, sat in meditation, and saw visions of my past lives flash before me, it didn’t feel strange. It felt like home, it all made sense, and finally, I made sense.


Consciously awake and dating

Dating as an awakened soul, personally for me, comes with a feeling of being misunderstood. I find it really hard for anyone to “get me”. I have felt this way all my life.

This applies to my dating life too. What people assume of me, or go by looking at me, is vastly different from what and who I truly am. Much to the shock of those I date.

My past traumas, incarnations experiences also made it very hard for anyone to get near me, or for me to let anyone in.

I am not pointing the blame at those I dated or blaming myself.

I have the awareness to know better and of course, the whys that come from all of those experiences and relationships. Every single relationship experience is a lesson.

My dating life shows me every time where I need to decondition, what limiting beliefs, and what trauma I haven’t healed. This is one of the sole reasons why those who are awake rarely re-bound, we are always consciously doing the soul work.

I grew so much during those relationships and after.

To choose to date those who are un-awakened is different. You want to connect on that deep soul level. On such a level that your soul lights up. It’s a relationship in which you want to have conversations that no longer include superficial ego crap.

One where you can discuss the unseen, dimensions, vibration, frequency, peace, compassion, astrology, and human design. You focus on helping each other heal, grow, and evolve. Regardless if the relationship continues or not.


Duality of life and relationships

Dating as an awakened soul is having an awareness of the duality of the life I live, in every single thing I do, say, or feel. I know and see that there is a lesson in everything.

This mindset extends into my relationships.

Being a multidimensional soul while here on earth at this time is enough, let alone navigating the dating scene. Without the past relationships and experiences, I wouldn’t be here now, living the life I am as an awakened soul.

Doing the work helps my soul become lighter. I don’t need to carry the weight of past experiences, trauma, beliefs, or conditioning into new relationships. It does not serve the highest good of anyone.


Final Thoughts

Navigating the challenges of dating regardless of whether you are awake or not consciously requires courage. To get back out in the dating world and try again until you find the soul being you wish to spend future moments is what we all want.

Most of all, we want to create sacred connections and unions that help us individually become better humans and collectively continue to raise a new earth consciousness with a healed humanity into the future.

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