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Ascension Fatigue

Updated: Mar 29

What is it and what can we do about it?

sunrise over clouds and mountains
sunrise over clouds and mountains

You have probably been on your path to 5D Ascension for some time. For others, this could be a new road you find yourself on.

You may have quit your job or be ready to call quits on your 9 to 5 to find something with more purpose or lost friends who no longer view the world the way you see it. You could have moved to a new home in a new area. Packed up and went across the country or to the other side of the world.

To feel more at ease vibrationally and in your surroundings. Less feeling suffocated or confined or seeking a new adventure. One that lights you up inside.


Are you becoming more sensitive to energy, sound, light, and even food? Losing interest in things you loved or enjoyed, even spirituality, has made you question your sanity and if you really made the right decision seeing the world in a different light.

The good news is you have not lost your sanity. It just seems that way. I know how it feels because lately I have been feeling the same way.

For a few years now, I have been on my own spiritual rodeo, highs, lows, wins, and losses.

We can feel exhausted and burnt out.

Spirituality can be as misunderstood as unicorns and rainbows. To the outside world, it may seem wonderful, a place filled with love and light.

But we can also experience the other side, the dark side - our shadow self, this is where we can feel Ascension fatigue the most on our journey.


It may feel like a heavy cloud that never lifts. Thoughts go round and round in circles, never coming to a conclusion or finding the answers you were seeking.

Physically we are bombarded with upgrades and downloads, and our DNA slowly changing as our bodies become more crystalline.

From personal experience, I can tell you that sometimes the clouds hang around because it takes time for the answer or solution to appear. The clouds as our shadow self, hidden until we can bring them to the light, into the sun. It is always a good day when the sun comes out of hiding behind the clouds.

Things look and feel more clear. Our emotions are the same when we face them head-on. When we move through them and not push them away.

It is awareness, remembering where and who you were before your awakening. How you were as a person then, compared to who you are now.

Vastly different right?


What we need to see and, more importantly, feel. It all comes from within. Sometimes I have to wait for the clouds to disappear for answers to arrive. Finding a mentor or someone to listen to us can give more room for thoughts to melt away and leave us with clarity.

Other times we focus too hard, and the answers may not be ready to hear, as there is usually a lesson.

We forget to look back on where we have been. Sometimes it is hard because we feel we may not have made the best decisions. Or, taken a sidestep in a completely different direction even though we still ended up at the same destination.

We beat ourselves up for not knowing everything, only to acknowledge it is all lessons we can use later on in life.

Understandably we get tired, emotionally and mentally. We get tired of all of it. We want to throw in our wands and crystals and fly away on our magic carpet or dive deep into meditation and never come out. But we do, for those of us who are on our awakening are filled with courage even though we at times don't feel it or believe we have it.


Final Thoughts

Be okay with fatigue and all the ascension symptoms. Remember, it is all temporary.

Do away with the guilt. There is nothing to feel guilty about being tired and wanting a break from it all. It's a good thing to pause, to reconsider your options, your path, or how you can function with more ease.

Practicing self-care is for your soul and your mental health. The current energies have left us with little choice but to do that until it all settles. We, as a collective, are not familiar with this, forever running on a treadmill that does not go anywhere.

Notice what your awakening is teaching you in areas of your life. Perhaps, it is in relationships with others and the one with yourself? Celebrate the lessons you overcame.

Our awakening teaches us many things, and so too does fatigue. We don`t want to leave our healing till it's too late and you can not enjoy this lifetime.

Fatigue may be foggy temporarily, or it may linger longer than it should. There is nothing wrong with either.

Both are perfect because it is your path and only yours.

There is always a period of transition. When we can learn to slow down and be at peace, that is when the fatigue will retreat, and we can move forward once more.


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