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The Great Awakening or the Great Divide?


It is no surprise with today`s world events that we are finding a great divide in every aspect of our lives. It is hard not to notice it. Turning on the TV, radio, or computer is an open invitation to be bombarded with the truth or the false narrative. Depends on who you listen to.

I have found that my community — spiritual community is becoming very divided. The woke versus the awake. I did not think it would even be a thing. But here we are.

I have long stopped following various well-known personalities on social media. Instead, I follow a very small amount, 2 or 3 public figures who are in alignment with my truth.

What they say resonates with me and it “feels” right to follow them for guidance should I need it. They are so tapped into the consciousness that what they speak about is usually what we as a collective are experiencing at the time.

All the chatter on the various social media apps, more so opinions, try to tell us which side we should or should not be on. Who is getting shadow-banned and who is not. It is changing the perception of how we want to see the world and more so, who doesn`t want you to see the world as it is.

We gather many beliefs, the right ones, the wrong ones. Many agendas, secrets, and with-held information. This is all to protect, control, and even alienate people.

It is not about who has an opinion that is right or wrong but the divide that could be created with that opinion.

Our beliefs also play a part in the divide. These beliefs are what I struggle with the most. They have been a part of who I am and woven into my subconscious. What I chose to believe is up to me.

It gets so muddled and confusing that we could be driven into making a choice and taking one side or another. It is ingrained in us, we have always been this way.

Some of these beliefs are:

Who do you decide to follow in the political world? And if you don’t follow politics, why not?

Which political side you are on, left, right, or independent, and why don`t you have a side?

If you believe in the pandemic or you don’t

If you believe to trust the science or you don’t

If you believe the politics, the politicians or you don’t

If you believe the statistics or you don`t

If you follow a mandate or not. If you are vegan or you are not

If you believe the mainstream media or independent media

If you are pro-choice, you should pick a side there is no middle.

If you stand up for protesters or you don’t

If you believe in the light, believe in the darkness.

If you fit in or you don`t

If you do yoga or you don`t

If you have tattoos or you don`t

We are overloaded when we are designed to just BE.

The Spiritual Divide

It gets worse, then there is the spiritual bubble of division.

You get labelled 3D, 4D, 5D no you can’t be all 3, or yes it is okay that you are the essence of all 3 dimensions.

Such as; if you don’t do this or practice this or live this way you will not ascend to 5D you will be stuck in 3D or 4D. Or even, not everyone will ascend to 5D with souls left behind or everyone will ascend regardless.

Talk about fear.

Will we continue to believe in the great divide or will we finally believe we are all one?

How did we get like this? How did this happen? Will it bring humanity closer together or will it tear us further apart?

Haven’t we learned the hard way?

Haven’t we seen history?

Even astrology has shown us where we have been divided in history, yet we continue to repeat the same pattern.

I get it, history has shown us we must duel at high noon, attack our opponents, and go to war with each other. Fight over who is wrong and who is right, and compete against each other on the sports scene.

It is normal now competing against others will make you the winner. A great victory, being equal is not enough, beating them is the prize.

Competition is to be smarter, better, faster, and stronger. It has fed our egos for too long.

It’s natural for us to take sides. Even as young children in primary school had two captains, those captains had to choose a team. Each had to choose who they wanted in a team. The popular kids picked first and the nerdy quiet kids like me got picked last. More division, more separation.

The great divide has even played in the space realm. Who made it moon first and who will get to Mars first, who is going to reach space first? Billionaires with their dreams to escape their realities. While they are forgetting to be of service to the planet they live on.

Even our Disney movies have the good versus bad stories played out. It occurs across many different genres as far as our imagination takes us. We are exposed to it all from a very young age.

Breaking Illusions

Does your soul see it that way? Are we aware that we are under a great illusion?

The illusion is that staying divided is what defines us. The divide allows us to forget who we are, what we are made of, and how we see people. Not on the surface but on how we see them energetically and spiritually.

Fighting against someone else you forget to fight for equality, humanity, and love. One collective of souls on Mother Gaia. You become so divided you forget who you are. It is no longer important because the fight becomes a fight with someone else, not only within yourself.

Divides have created wars, it has created violence, it has created segregation. Divided keeps us distracted from nourishing and taking care of ourselves. The divide has us separated from our souls and from source/god whatever you want to call it. Worrying too much about what is around us.

Are you seeing it yet?

Final Thoughts

A divided collective has become a state of being. Yes, you are living..but you are be-ing? being in the moment?

To be connected to source and every other human on earth. It has become almost too difficult to transcend this aspect of ourselves. To let go of a shadow aspect of ourselves that we no longer need to focus all our energy on.

Living with a mindset that is in a division is a fear-based program. The intention is to keep you separated from your divine self and the collective.

As a collective, it is our time to rise, to ascend from old programming and ascend from the old way of doing things. Living life and making a choice that only serves ourselves will only continue to divide us.

Love and Humanity are calling, be willing to make a change. The first is for you, within. When this happens, you will see the changes we make will cascade out to the rest of the world.

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