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To My Beloved

To My Beloved

A love I once knew.

A love I held close.

At night I look up at the stars and think of you.

The love we have transcends all space and time.

Life together we had in a past life,

A love I am unable to forget.

On the edge of a clifftop, I see you standing watching over me.

A spirit of energy.

A memory.

In my heart, you come to me when I call.

Emptiness reminds my soul of what was once a long time ago.

Why did I have to be here alone without you?

The answer is silence.

A pain I feel, will it ever heal?

I live this life without you.

You are a spirit that watches over me, protects me from afar.

The star you are illuminates the night sky.

To my beloved, I am waiting patiently to see you again.

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