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5 Ways You Can Tell That You Are Living Multidimensional

Signs You’re Living in 3D While Embracing the 5D Earth

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Learning how to be multi-dimensional was not part of the spiritual awakening I envisioned. 

Since then, discovering esoteric and metaphysical principles even greatly shifted the new awakened state I found myself in. It changed me for the better. Not without challenges, they still occur today.

Every night we go to sleep while the soul travels dimensions, waking up with new versions ready to be unearthed, with each day integrating what has been asleep.


Many years since my awakening, there are themes that seem to remain constant. When they occur individually or together, I have found that they have become a good reference. Acting as a guidebook to how I need to get over the next hurdle. Almost like a training manual. 

So, how can you tell you are you are living 3D while sensing 5D is within reach?

These are my top 5 signs, they may be yours also.

  1. Intuitive Shifts - These include visions, seeing auras, glitches in the matrix, and feelings of deja vu. The sky, trees, and clouds even look different. You Feel more connected to energy and everything around you.

  2. Telepathy - "hearing" other's conversations, confirmed in the body with a knowing. Usually occurring to those closest to you. This develops a new awareness of situations and experiences in which you previously may have reacted differently.

  3. Alignment - either in alignment or can discern when you are out of alignment. Displayed in your emotions, beliefs, and mindset. Also with areas of your life, family, friends, job, location.

  4. Spiritual bypassing & Accountability - Becoming more conscious, rather than unconsciously aware of who we are. Understanding that ignoring or pushing away emotions brings more work. The upside is the awareness, offering a quicker release and a path to healing.

  5. Surrender - learning surrender is fundamental to our re-evolution and living as a multidimensional soul. It allows our soul to govern the direction in which we want to go in life while acknowledging the external compass of source energy and the planet.


Final Thoughts

Everything we are going through right now and have been through is the collective transition of 3D to 5D as a vibration and frequency, not a physical place to reach.

The soul / higher self channels our 5th-dimensional aspects, integrating them into the 3rd dimension and grounds them into each reality we create.

By design, our awakening and each mini awakening thereafter is to re-learn who we really are amid all the conditioning and beliefs, transmute and transform the energy that lies deep within our cells. Each day we wake up can be different if we allow it.

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