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A Guide to Grounding and Anchoring Your Energy

Knowing how to ground your energy is still useful, but there is a better way.

Many of us have been taught the way to the ground was to connect our energy to the earth beneath our feet.

Not that it`s wrong, and it may feel right to others to keep doing it this way. I have found a better way.

In the last 5 years or so, the energy surges hitting the earth, and our bodies are a lot stronger. It`s through my own experiences and guidance I offer my clients that we need to do more now, grounding requires a bit more effort.

By creating chords of energy that connect us to source energy and the earth we become “anchored”.

I love the floaty feeling but many of us are living multi-dimensionally. One foot in 3D where we are working, running households, relationships, businesses...etc.

Our other foot in 4th, 5th, and higher dimensions doing work in sleep time as we astral travel or, complete soul work that can’t be done on the 3D plane.

It is not practical to be floating all the time when we need to be here doing day-to-day stuff, such times as trying to escape reality, or spending too much time in the astral.


What is Anchoring your energy?

When you anchor your energy, you are opening an ethereal connection to source energy/ universal energy. And, instead of grounding where the energy flows through and out your feet, it travels up through your crown and out and above your head. Its path travels outside of the auras, it forms the first part of the anchoring connection.

What is Grounding your energy?

Grounding into the earth is the way most of us have been taught to ground. Such as going for walks, and eating dense food, root vegetables, and dark chocolate. Exercising and meditation and visualisation are other ways we can ground.


Why has it changed that we need to do both?

The difference now is the energy that is arriving on Earth brings with it light codes, DNA activations, upgrades, and downloads.

Solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and light codes from the sun are stronger than it has ever been to help us and the planet. It is the nudge all of humanity needs to move forward into a higher vibration and frequency. It is what will trigger more awakenings.

To keep pushing the tipping point of awakened souls that the world needs for global change. It is my intuitive knowing that we may see this occur from 2025/ 2026 onwards.

As above, so below.

Not anchoring to source/universe or the earth can make us feel swayed with the energy. Leaving us feeling unbalanced in our bodies. It affects our emotions too. This is when we experience that floaty feeling or not feeling like we are in our bodies. Those who are empaths or highly sensitive people like myself can be easily carried away by those around us or the collective consciousness.


How Do You Anchor?
To anchor and ground your energy and your body to this earthly plane, there are two simple steps:

Step 1.

Envision a chord of energy from your solar plexus. See it go through each chakra above your waist, heart, throat, third eye, crown, and soul star chakra. This chord will come out of the top of your head. As far up as you want to go into the space above you. Through the stars, out of the earth, into space. It will be different for everyone. Keep the chord going until you feel the connection of anchoring in your body, or you see it in your third eye.

How to Ground Your Energy?

Step 2.

Similar to step one, except we do it in the opposite direction.

Imagine that chord, see it now tied around your waist or solar plexus. This helps with anchoring. By the chord that is now tied around your waist, you are secure, and you are continuing the chord of anchoring. Follow the chord as it flows down your lower chakras, sacral chakra, root chakra, feet chakra, and your earth star chakra that is below your feet.

Follow it out of your feet. See it as it goes right through the floor you are standing on, into the ground, and deep into the soil until it gets to the core of the earth.

Keep going as far down as you want to go until you feel the connection of anchoring in your body, or you see it in your third eye.

Now you are anchored from above and below, with you being the weight that holds it all in place.

You can do this exercise as many times as you need. I have included a picture of the process in an image below.


Tips to anchoring and ground correctly.

If it helps you can imagine anchors at each end. Some people work better with visualisation.

If you find that you can`t connect or feel blocked, your soul star and earth star chakras may never have been opened or activated until now. This is easy to do, by opening these chakras with visualisation or meditation. They can be closed after. If you are unsure please seek a holistic practitioner.

I see in my mind's eye the chord of energy wrapped around my stomach, tied in a knot. This helps me feel even more anchored & secure.

The chord can be any colour you like, take notice of what colour it is as that may indicate a chakra to focus on later for healing or clearing.

It can take practice if you are not used to visualising or meditation. This is a guide; you may find a similar way that makes more sense to you.

You can use either the top or bottom chords of anchoring if that’s what feels best for you. There isn`t a wrong or right way.


Final Thoughts

Ensure you practice spiritual hygiene by clearing your chakras and aura at the end of each day. This helps release any congestion in your field and can improve the anchoring of chords with little resistance.

You can use this technique as many times as you need, even if it is 2 or 3 times per day. Once you gain a more sound understanding of anchoring and grounding, you can set an intention that it remains in place for a certain amount of time. You will notice when it feels like it is waning. Just clear your energy field and reset it.

By all means, add your own twist to it. I would love to hear what variations you make. Let me know in the comments.


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