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Ascension Into 5D  -  The effects on our body, mind, and soul.

Reflecting on the last year of my ascension into 5D journey.


It has been 12 months since I wrote Ascension into 5d — how has it affected our body? And, after plenty of hindsight, of course, I think now that our awakening and our ascension paths have just as much to do with the mind and soul as it does with the body.

Some would say that the aim of ascension is to be in alignment with our hearts and acknowledge our thoughts and let them go. Learn to listen deeply to the whispers of the heart. The nudges and signs our body gives us permit the soul to be the driving force behind what gives us peace.

If peace is not found, then the soul gently beats against your heart, acting as a driving instructor telling you to go left, go straight, ah, you made a wrong turn? Never mind, it says as it gently maneuvers you back onto your path for the 10th million times, never losing patience.

Only the human self feels the frustration or singling of the body as a symptom of illness or unwell that we are going further away from ourselves.


The Past Year In Reflection

These past 12 months, I admittedly tried to get away from my human self as much as I could. Did it work? Not as much as I hoped it would.

Those etheric chords that are anchored into my consciousness from source are strong, though slightly out of shape from all the dragging my feet and stubbornness.

Pain and trauma follow you always, regardless of the level of denial you shield yourself with. Always saying I don’t have time to deal with feelings because of (insert any excuses that your imagination can conjure) wondering how soon they will catch up with you. “I am too stressed” was my most common excuse.

I feel there comes a point in your awakening when you finally take the small steps to venture out on your own away from the collective because you are handling the multi-dimensional soul-being much better than the months and years just after your awakening.

Now that I am a seasoned awakened soul of almost ten years, I can weather many emotional storms and solar storms, with the most recent a few months ago we hit a KP7 on the solar storm radar. Not that I am gloating, but I can manage quite well now when it reaches Kp4, KP5, and KP6 — just.

It is when the storms dissipate, and the levels go down, and I have to anchor my body into a denser environment when it is more crystalline.

The difference now is that my body has had years to slowly adjust to the level of incoming energy, whereas newbies may struggle.

I am grateful that I had awoken earlier in that respect. It’s not to say I don’t get floored every so often; I do, but I head the warning and rest and hydrate.

I have listened and watched less news of incoming energies and wait for my body to tell me what is incoming, and partly I’m kind over it. Ascension will keep happening and will only speed up as more and more awaken.

I also noticed there was more fiction than the truth about what would happen to the collective to the “love wave” or the “clarion call” and even the three days of darkness.

I am grateful for the channelers and the way-showers who give us the information. The truth is no one will really truly know. We are still driving blind, regardless of the information a channeler receives, and I got fed up with what will happen. It became a distraction.

Multi-dimensional is living as a human with real-life human experiences. We still pay bills, go to work, and all the other adult stuff. I daydream enough as it is. Life down here was happening too much for me to be floating in the ethers all day long.

This past year showed me that our lives move forward regardless of the distractions that mainstream media feed us. I used my intuition to guide me more than I ever have. Discerning what I consume on social media. If I needed to receive information about a solar storm, a spike in the Schumann resonance, or something else, I knew I would be where I needed to be at that moment.

I stopped following repeating numbers, even though they still appeared, and followed my every move. I don’t hang on to the outcome; I acknowledge the message if I receive one, and get on with my day.


The Awareness

There were many lessons for me over the past 12 months. The most significant was all about the external — what I gave my energy to, whether that was people or situations where I was allowing energy to leak from me.

Where was I not being responsible for my well-being? I had to bring the focus back on myself many times, which is difficult for someone that tends to be a people pleaser.

I noticed the body cues of frustration, anxiety, or pain in the body. This highlighted where I was pushing too hard, what to let go of (well, trying to) jobs, friends, partnerships, or areas of my holistic business that no longer served me. And where was I self-sabotaging my own growth?


Final Thoughts

A lot can change in 12 months in our body, mind, and soul. Even on a cellular level, we are unable to see how much the body has to endure to keep integrating the new energy signatures.

Even Gaia has to go through the same process, so we are attuned to her vibrations to help lift us further and further.

Remember, Ascension into 5D is not a place we will physically visit. Part of this awakening and why we chose to be here at this time is to continue to co-create with the universe, allowing for old timelines and old stories to dissolve and make room for new experiences, and lessons.

When we let life happen with more ease and less force, the distortion that living between dimensions has on our body will become secondary to all the external noise as we gain awareness.

Ascension’s journey is the soul’s path. It may not be easy all the time, and moments that challenge us to our core, it is by design providing us with the grounded roots we need to help us flourish.


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