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Ascension into 5D, how has it affected the body?

Updated: Jan 4

How has it changed in the last 12 months? What are the physical signs and symptoms we need to be aware of as we move along our ascension into 5D?

women sunset fields
women sunset fields

With the recent and consistent solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and spikes in the Schumann resonance many of us are enduring ascension symptoms, our collective Ascension into 5D is a long road, one that will take many years before we reach to the other side.

There seems to be little relief between solar and geomagnetic storms, with minimal time to pause or integrate the new energy into our physical bodies.

Our souls adjust as necessary. Make room for yet another version of us to emerge from a Dark-Night of the soul. Or periods of depression and anxiety.

If you are new to a spiritual awakening, some symptoms may be quite confronting and confusing. You are not alone. Think of me as your Medium- Earth Angel-Guide. Here at this moment, to show you the way forward.

You may have noticed slight changes in your body or noticed many ascension symptoms or occurrences that come out of nowhere and either linger or disappear into the ethers just as quickly as they came.

We are all entering unfamiliar territory.

While the rest of the outside world continues to exist in the matrix (by choice). It is different for those of us awakened souls to come to terms as a collective that we are in it for the long run. Some of us yearn for a home that is not here.

As a human race, we have never been here before.

Exciting yet daunting as we absorb all the new information sent to us from source energy assisting us all, and planet Gaia to a new world.

Our ascension journey is different for everyone depending on their soul contract. Therefore what we experience is and will be different from everyone else.

Here is a list of what I have been experiencing. You may relate to some or all the symptoms.


  • Fatigue — Normal ascension symptom, but this is different. It lasts for days, add your body feels heavy as if there are weights tied to your ankles.

  • Waves of heat and waves of chills move through the body. Heat comes on quickly and feels as if the heat rises out from either your heart chakra or solar plexus. This heat then spreads out, radiates outwards in a circular motion in waves, and sits from the solar plexus to your 3rd eye/crown chakra. It rises up and then melts away. It can linger for 1 to 5 mins.

  • The chills feel like they begin close to the chest and heart. They appear from the back of your body. It is like standing in front of the air con with a setting on 10 degrees. This chill sits within the whole body.

  • Heartburn, gas, burping, nausea

  • Pains in the physical — bones, joints, and organs

  • Dizzy, vertigo, low blood pressure

  • Eat everything in sight only to be hungry after feeling of being full. Or, the opposite, little need for food.

  • Changes in vision with the eyes and the 3rd eye. Including new psychic gifts or the enhancement of current ones.

  • Ear ringing is a very normal part of ascension. We are experiencing a wide range of tones from low to high pitched as they move from one ear to the other more frequently.


  • Irritability, crying, anger/rage, anxiety, depression, little motivation.

  • Sensitivity to loud noises, light, and people’s emotions. Includes Empaths or highly-sensitive people.


  • Lack of concentration and forgetfulness

  • Disturbed sleep and insomnia


  • The “Clairs” increasing in intensity, you may find yourself with heightened intuition, a strong inner knowing, visions in your dream time, and more astral travel.

  • Hear music and conversations of others not with you in the same room or house.

  • Telepathy has strengthened.

  • Smells — fragrances or scents that linger for days. Possibly linked to a loved one passed on the other side of the veil. And mediumship skills new or stronger.

  • You “see” different formations in the clouds, up above in the atmosphere as the sun sets or rises. In nature. The trees hold secrets you now hear. See the crystalline grids of the new world

  • New language — light language in music or in illustrations and chanelling.

There are many more to list, could go on about all the wonderful occurrences.

I have been on the Ascension train since 2015. That is what it feels to me. A train that can stop at different stations. In our life, we decide to hop on or off at a station, maybe lead us on a different track. Or, watch it go past as we sit in the window seat looking out until we gain the courage we decide to get off at a take a new adventure.

I am somewhat used to these symptoms basically a regularity.

However, we are never usually feeling all symptoms at once. That is what is so unique this year. As time is speeding up, so are our symptoms. And it usually occurs in parts, upper chakras or lower chakras.

I believe the connection correlates to the chakra going through the upgrade. Early on my ascension journey, the speed was slower, one chakra at a time. And as new chakras emerge so will a new set of symptoms. In particular the upper heart chakra, the soul star, and the earth star chakras.

I also believe that they are in unison with every solar flare and storm. The stronger the storm. The stronger our symptoms are. Our symptoms mirror the length of time of a solar storm. The stronger the Schumann spike, the more intense our symptoms.

We can experience these symptoms up to three days after a storm has arrived on Earth. Only to feel the next wave coming over us, fusing with the last one.

Those who are highly sensitive or empaths like myself may become even more so. Additionally, feel the collective’s up and downs. The body intuitively will sense an incoming storm by how or what it feels. You learn to see the signs, of elevated anxiety or trouble sleeping.

Now that we are ascending. A spiritual buzzword. I see it as transforming. And, at such a fast rate. The chakras, our entire energy system. And our cellular structure is going through an overhaul.

Imagine that you no longer want the current engine in your car. Now you want an overhaul of the engine, but you also decide you want to modify the body of the vehicle.

To overhaul is the change to the energy of the body. Our bodies, and for generations, have been dense and heavy.

Now we are becoming lighter — we are changing our cellular structure to crystalline.

A new light body free of conditioning trauma, pain, and grief. Outdated beliefs, generations of absorbed or inherited trauma. In order to be our soul to be unrestricted, it must release its density.

However, this new light body while lighter in density is a perception from those on the outside. In reality, is infinite space magically contained within the body.


It is a new way of being.

Our body is a new be-ing. This new be-ing is the light switch to our innate soul, like a dimmer you slowly increase to bring light to a dark room.

Our souls have already chosen and decided. Experience the good and the bad, the extreme highs and extreme lows.

The density has to leave. Our soul and our higher-self guide the body to usher out the old, to integrate the new. It does this is the only way it knows how to purge physically and emotionally.

One way is not better than the other or worse, although I would take the physical over the emotional purging, with feelings and such ugh. What a drag, haha.

I have never been great with the emotional part of ascension. I am getting much better as time has gone on. Cultivating awareness after each experience. I choose to go through it and not bypass it.

However, each is both messy, and both ways are needed. We can not walk forward without leaving the old way behind us. We want to take it with us, to have it remain part of us, comforting like a blanket while we go through death and rebirth, and forward on our awakening.

The crystalline body is a new way of living because it chooses to live in the moment. Not one foot in the past or wistfully waiting for a future to arrive.

What has been asleep in the body is now waking up. It knows that it is time.

New source codes from our sun, new light codes from our stars and the stars that are our galactic family, and new strands of DNA. Not new as in never had them, they just have laid dormant. They have been planted deep within the soul for all lifetimes. Ready and waiting to be turned on.


Final Thoughts

The comfort comes from trusting the path before us.

The knowing that there is an end in sight.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

And, the light within you is to be shared with the rest of humanity.

Drop a comment and let me know if you are experiencing similar or something different. I would love to hear about it.

Health disclaimer — I am not a medical professional and do not offer medical advice, for any guidance please seek qualified professional help.


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