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Flow Towards The Path Of Ascension To 5D

Working with the universe and not against it


Ascension to the 5th Dimension takes us down many paths with a different version for each soul. The uniqueness of that timeline is a choice at the time of incarnation.

What we experience, what we grieve, what we release, and what we celebrate are the signatures of the soul, that are deeply impressed on our souls as a blueprint.

Many of us hold visions of the new earth and what it could resemble.

I envision an off-beaten path in a forest that leads to an open field. I see everyone meeting and coming together in spirit. Hearts and souls connected as we release a deep sigh of relief.

It is an inner knowing that despite all our pain, tears, isolation, anxiety, and, depression we go through, transport us to the now.

It is where we can find the energy to take steps forward, strong enough to face whatever the Ascension path throws our way, together with the collective consciousness who are with us at this time.

A life that, at times feels like it is on its own trajectory out of space, into the darkness and vastness of the universe. Multi-dimensional is one foot in each dimension, waiting at any moment for our bodies to split in half.

Our souls are fragmented into thousands of pieces but not broken. Energy carries our strands of DNA that are becoming quantum. The entire energy system activates and propels forward into this new quantum energetic experience. Woven deep within us, waiting for it to come together at the perfect moment.

Ascension can also feel like something foreign, strange, and uncomfortable. We may think it is attempting to derail us, as we also live as humans. We exist as 3rd Dimension beings, breathing as 5th Dimension consciousness.

We dislike the destruction and disruption to life that it seems to bring us, descending down endless rabbit holes. The perception one has of the world and human existence changes becomes distorted and self-destructs. Ego, outdated belief systems, perceptions, and judgments go down the same way.

We get lost, sometimes for days, weeks, months, or years. Recently, I have come to the conclusion that we just need to live our lives even when ascension faces us with difficulty and an unknown future. To be lost is no use if we can not find a way to guide ourselves back from where we were.


The Path of Ascension

Instead of fighting the path we are walking, we can make room for Ascension to flow through us, and around us, as it has always intended. To remain un-disrupted of roadblocks in its way, as a means to possibly self-sabotage our healing and our gifts.

We may bypass our own ego and in its place a case of spiritual ego emerges, living as if nothing can touch you because you “woke up”.

I feel and believe through my own awakening, Ascension has no place in a woke culture that has surfaced with nothing but the division of who is awake and who is not. A new-age label creates all kinds of facades. The pitfall is that you are trying to be something you are not when the focus could be the essence of who you are.

This disrupts the flow. And when this spiritual ego and the bypassing disintegrate around you, it requires more work to undo however it offers us the gift of a new level of awareness you may not have had before.

Like our shadow aspects, accession should not become a life consumed with misery. And, not one you should lose yourself in, sometimes our life can resemble a card game. Life deals you many hands. Everyone one of us has opportunities to see where the game goes, or we fold. We can sit at the roulette table, waiting for the universe to show her the next hand through your intuition, by design to help you find yourself.

What I write comes from my years of experience. I personally have lost many weeks, months, and a year or two trying to go against the flow, resulting in frustration and energy most likely better spent being an open channel.

Do not let it overtake all or allow it to drag you down into an abyss. If this happens, remember it is okay to let it all play out. Along with courage and strength, you can pull yourself with compassion, out of it.

It is for your highest good that everything you are experiencing is for your Ascension and that of the planet. A re-evolution, a revolving door of rebirths. While it may not be the last attempt at creating the world we all deserve, we all have arrived at this time for a very specific purpose.

The gift of our free will is to revive creation, not destroy it as we have done for eons.

We are multitasking our multidimensionality.

Consciously we choose the path of multidimensionality every day. Living the 3D existence as we work, study, and enjoy our 3D life. Enjoy the relationships and experiences, live in beautiful houses, and run businesses blessed in abundance. Co-create abundant lifestyles both physically and spiritually.

Our 5th Dimensional aspects may meditate, ground, and connect to source, doing our shadow work and offering gratitude to all that is and a oneness with the collective consciousness.

Both the 3D and 5D are in the flow of the universe simultaneously, what hinders our flow is the limitations we place on ourselves and where we try and force life when all we need to is just be.

We are all divinely illustrated in brilliance, aligning with our highest versions while honouring our souls as we ground and connect to source and Gaia.

There are many gifts to being human. To be in the flow is to understand how the energy of love is the lifeforce behind everything we experience here on Earth. We are offered endless opportunities to co-create with the universe and others. To be of service, to live in the essence of love.

I guide you to remember you are creations built from love, never sourced from outside of you, but of you.

There is no mission or quest to go searching to have more self-love when you already own an endless supply of it. What is there to practice in self-love when you are already living life in the vibration and energy of love? Where flow is its counterpart.


Final Thoughts

Ascension is flowing from moment to moment, the energy of each idea or thought leads us to the next, and the next moment and so on. Whilst we embrace our individuality that creates its own destiny. This, in turn, dedicates space into the ethers of nothingness. Calling forth endless opportunities for the co-creation of our manifestations to emerge. And the flow of life to continue forward without blockages or moments of self-sabotage.

Where ever you land is perfect. The steps you choose to take will always be the right ones. It will never be wrong but a lesson for future experiences.

Cruise the ebbs and flows of Ascension and see where it takes you.

You may just be pleasantly surprised.


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