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Crystalline Body — The Becoming of a Multidimensional Soul Being

Updated: May 18

Understanding the Crystalline Body and Ascension.

*updated November 2023


The Crystalline Body

We are souls taking residence in a vessel, the body.

Sentient beings are created in perfection. A celestial blend of energy, cells, molecules, codes, and DNA.

There was a time when there were very few awakened souls here on Earth. As time went on and we continued to incarnate, the number of souls awakening increased. So much so that we are at a tipping point, even now just passing that point.

Each soul, choosing to incarnate at this time, takes part in the re-evolution towards a new way of being. The human body already holds infinite amounts of energy, now undergoing its own upgrade.

Our bodies have been very dense, and we have lived our lives with an outlook of negativity and a lack of mentality. Over the centuries, many souls have become motivated by money and greed. And very little compassion toward humanity.

A cycle repeated through many reincarnations, our bodies have retained a lot of old energy that has kept us asleep. Our life and our circumstances are changing for the better!


Collective Tipping Point

Now that we have reached a tipping point, we are taking in more light, and we have to clear the density. Old emotions, trauma, and ancestral lineage now need to be shed so we can continue to ascend.

To ascend, grow, and evolve, our bodies will ask for more light. This is to shift the shadow parts of ourselves, all by design.

The universe and planet Earth both assist us to be lighter in the emotions we carry around with us. To be free from the weight of grief or sadness that we carry in our hearts. Helping us to be no longer attached to old aspects of who we once were.

We have been used to surviving and not living, negative mindsets and the fight or flight mode used for too long to keep us in a state of fear.


Becoming Crystalline

Crystalline is a new set of codes that our DNA seeks to integrate. A combination of old energy and the new energy our body will absorb from the sun.

Ascension and our evolution as a more crystalline body are similar to a light switch on your wall. Within us, a part of us has turned on. A higher vibration of energy within the body is needed to connect to source energy.

Becoming more crystalline allows us to vibrationally ascend higher and access more knowledge, such as our Akashic records. These memories are kept in higher dimensions across many timelines.

Ascension strengthens our connection to planet Gaia, a living soul. To be in tune with the energy and love she provides us all.

Through this process, more knowledge of who we are is presented to us for our learning. The higher self is given more room to expand and sit in the driving seat of our lives. Becoming more crystalline means we live more from the heart than the head.

We learn through our experiences when we speak from the ego or the heart. When we choose to voice our truth, it is in our alignment. When we have our thoughts and actions driven by the ego, we are out of alignment. The path to Ascension gives us the lessons to initiate soul growth.

We house a multitude of codes within our bodies called light codes that drive us forward and open our consciousness to a new world that only we can create but also one that has always been with us.

We evolve and gradually become multi-dimensional beings because of the light that resides in us and the light we show others through love, compassion, and service not only for ourselves but for the collective.


Spiritual Awakening Growing Pains

The crystalline transition doesn’t evolve without some growing pains. However, during this process, we can experience symptoms in the body as we shed more of what no longer serves us.

Symptoms of an energetic upgrade are Ascension flu, and you may experience symptoms such as vertigo, muscle pain, and sore joints. Vision changes, sensitivity to light, sounds, and food.

Our chakras go under a cosmic change as they clear out the old programming. We can also experience and discover new chakras at this time besides the traditional ones, such as the thymus (upper Heart Chakra) Soul Star (above our Crown Chakra and, Earth Star Chakra (below our feet).

Together with chakras in our hands and feet also come online as they also go through an upgrade. We notice more heat from the hands and feet during this time.

Our human design codes and DNA all have work to do. Change is necessary at a soul level now. We can no longer go back to our dense bodies. We bring our vibration from the 3rd dimension and up into the 4th and 5th Dimensions.

As we become a more advanced light body and our Crystalline structure is assembled from within, we may notice a range of other symptoms and emotions depending on what our soul is trying to clear at any given time. Please know that there is a range of healing options to support you at this time.


Final Thoughts

A big part of Ascension is self-care, a lot of rest, sleep, and drinking a lot of fluids. Fighting urges to be busy and do and “just be”

You can invest in healing modalities such as kinesiology, acupuncture, chiropractor, osteopaths and naturopaths, and homeopathy. I receive bodywork, such as remedial massage, to help shift energy I may not be able to do on my own.

Tune into your body during a quiet time or meditation for it to guide you to what type of modality you may need.

As soul-divine beings, we have a greater awareness that a lot of soul work is needed to help clear the density. Meditation, journaling, grounding, releasing emotions, and forgiveness work are all ways to assist us at this time. In addition, many other modalities also are available to us.

Becoming more Crystalline is part of our Ascension and one of the reasons for our awakening.

It is necessary for our expansion as individuals and as a collective. It can, at times, take its toll, but there are many amazing rewards on the other side.

A lighter, happier multi-dimensional being awaits.


* Medical Disclaimer - This post is in no way a medical answer to your symptoms this is a spiritual reference only. If you feel you have symptoms that can not be explained or are concerned please seek medical assistance/doctor for assistance.


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