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Is Creating Our Reality What It is Lived Up To Be?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Do our choices decide what reality we are to experience?

women painting creating artwork
women painting creating artwork

I had my spiritual awakening almost eight years ago. Since then, I have adopted new-age spirituality and aligned with the thinking that the universe has your back. Have faith and trust that it will all work out, your thoughts create your reality, and everything falls into place because it is in divine timing.

I am not sure if I still believe it all. I am questioning what we have learned as a collective to those who have had an awakening.

I wonder where these teachings can improve and what now be outdated. Is it time to let go of teachings that some in the spiritual and psychic community have been offering for 20 or 30-plus years? It would be similar to losing part of their identity. I feel the same way in some respects.

I go through periods of my life where I begin doubting the knowledge I have gained over the years. This time is no different. I do this when I am about to have a huge energetic shift or on the cusp of great change in my life.

Almost ready to close the book on "being spiritual" This may not be true from the universe's perspective, but it is mine. Therefore my version of a reality that I have created for myself.

I have since concluded that the universe, source, God, or Gaia, whatever you want to call them, are on their trajectory. The path they are on individually and collectively is where it is supposed to be in the greater scheme of evolution. Sure, they overlap. But despite what choices we make here on earth, life goes on and continues in the direction it is supposed to.

Is what I do here on earth have anything to do with what anybody else is doing? and the answer would be no.

Have I become too co-dependent on the universe, Is this even a thing?

Can I stop caring about everything and disconnect my partnership with an energy force outside of me?

Is this the lesson? that creating our reality and what it is lived up to be unattainable? Relying too much on what I have learned about New Age Spirituality, is this where it has all gone wrong for me, and are others feeling the same way?

I visited my doctor a few weeks ago. We were having a general conversation, and I mentioned that I had lost faith in most areas of my life. The last 18 months have been quite difficult for me. He was surprised that someone could lose faith.

Isn't faith the one thing we should hold onto and believe?

I didn't think it was a big deal. I believe we can lose faith to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what we want out of life.

The same goes for the reality I may or may not be creating every moment. I believe if we all had the power to construct an existence, then wouldn't every single soul on earth be living an extraordinary life with no control from outside influences, governments, or institutions?

Why are some souls in poverty and living in countries that are at war? I'm sure they don't go to bed at night and say, wow next time I wake up, I want the country I`m living in to be at war. I doubt many would.

Many people are where they are in life because of some outside control. As much as they try, are unable to create an exit. The answer to their situation may not just be available...yet.

To say that we create our reality or we co-create may be slightly off. It is also our choices, decisions, and circumstances that create the reality we are living, moment to moment, day to day.

And those who are better off can create more ideal realities than those who may live below the poverty line. Well, yes they can. And they can make a choice also, to gamble their whole life away if they so choose it. Not because they created it, but because they chose it.

And other people escape their reality because it is too painful.

So which one is right? Neither is right nor wrong. I feel that new-age spiritual teachings are comparable to anything else we consume, and are up for interpretation. The same goes for creating our reality...also very suggestive.

This does not mean we use it as a blanket answer without considering what a person's life may be like at any given time. Neither should it be passed down as truth for everyone.

We don't need to throw all the new-age spiritual teachings into the burning fire. I feel we are evolving on such a grand scale that we are to be responsible for our own lives and choices. Accountable for what we absorb and our way of thinking.

Ask yourself, is creating our reality what it is lived up to be? especially if you want to keep following a creator, coach, or even an influencer if they no longer feel in alignment. Acknowledge that what has been right a decade ago, or even last year, may no longer be, and adjust your perspective if need be.

Are these new-age teachings still in alignment with me? Are they beneficial for my highest outcome and for my soul to be at peace?

Granted, we are not responsible for how someone interprets something we may post on social media. But we are the executive of our life, our thoughts, and the effect they have on the life we choose to create.


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