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Is It Possible to Fake Your Way Into Positivity?

I don't want to fake my way into positivity if I feel powerless and hopeless to change and my external is bearing down on me, or I feel stuck.  Neither do I want to use positivity as a bandaid, especially if I want my external to change. It is more than positive thinking or feeling positive if internally I'm not in alignment with my beliefs.
Happy Smiling Women

A positive mindset can tell you, you are free.

It can also tell you that your internal reflects your external. Or even think happy and you can be happy.

How much of this is true? When in reality it might be completely different.

Is this way of thinking just surface-level? what about acknowledging the external factors that are projected into our internal worlds?


It's all energy

I have been working with an energetic coach these past few months and overall it has been good. However, I am finding that there are teachings or mindsets that are leaving me feeling uneasy.

I doubt what I am hearing and am very suspicious of where it's coming from. For example, your internal reflects your external. Even today I was watching a tarot reader and heard the phrase you are free...

This is right and wrong, in my opinion, this is only half of it and the surface level of this energetic iceberg. I feel we have slightly gotten off track.

We know about toxic positivity in the spiritual community. How being too positive is toxic by not seeing the reality of the situation.

I understand that everything is energy. But what part does energy play when external factors and circumstances impact our internal worlds?


External to Internal or a projection?

I will share a personal example...

I want to move out of the home, I am living in with my parents - last year I sold my apartment because it was becoming too small, the mortgage was not worth the headache or the strata levies I had to pay quarterly so I sold up, it was also at that time my contract at work ended.

For those reasons, I decided to move home temporarily until I found my next job or contract. The plan was only for 3 months. 9 months later I am still here. It took me 6 months of those 9 to find a job. The job I finally did get was way below my usual salary by about 30K. I had to take it.

But is this a case of my internal reflects my external?

My internal thoughts and energy didn`t reflect a long time of unemployment or the lower income. It was the opposite I was hopefull, my thoughts were reflective of the sitaution, both good and bad. But I don`t control my external - all I could control was applying for work and attending interviews.

It is the external factors I have an issue with, ones that can keep us stuck.

The rest was up to the universe. Then this got me thinking about how much free will we really have. Perceived or otherwise.


What about free will?

I can choose not to feel stuck, I am not chained to a wall or kept captive. So I have a choice to move forward or stay still. Just like I can believe I am free.

Also a choice and depending on personal circumstances.

Life for me, even as an awakened soul has been about breaking through the disillusions I lived within before my awakening.

I am finding lately that it doesn't make sense anymore. The more I evolve, the more I find wrong rather than right. The more I see what is wrong with the world, and it makes my heart and soul hurt.

But what about right now? What does the collective do right now? Make ourselves believe that we are free and abundant - that there is free will?

Sure free will exists whether you decide to buy an iced coffee, have a nice dinner, live in a crappy run-down house or rent/buy beyond your means if that's what you choose to do.

My free will would be to have the 6 figure job that I had, it would be to live in a decent house close to work and be able to buy take out for dinner once or twice a week.

It is not about money.

This is spiritual.

It is our well-being,

Our mental health,

Our quality of life.

With natural curiosity, I challenge what has been taught. So to say our internal is a reflection of our external or that we have free will is a big variable.

This is because there is a limit to what that means for each of us. It is this same freedom that comes with conditions.


My spiritual point of view

In a time where we are slowly waking up collectively, my frustration that I feel isn’t just mine, it’s what we as a collective are experiencing. 

The scales are uneven and with this, are new age teachings that once you think positively then everything around you will reflect it. It does to some extent but not entirely.

A lot of us have trauma or limited beliefs yet to work through.

It's not black or white. There are shades of grey in and around our choices. Energy is varied, and turbulent just as much as it is calm and peaceful.

My issue with thinking positively isn't the problem- It`s having a mindset of thinking you are free or your internal is a reflection of your external is a surface-level projection. Not a result of a direct internal problem.


Making a choice

I am not saying that there is no room for positivity. It is difficult to feel freedom when you are on a disability pension and the cost of living outweighs how you can afford to live, feed yourself or buy medication.

If I had free will, I would have all the money I could ever want in the bank, so much that my free will would extend to helping those in need.

That the same free will would take the insane wealth from banks and institutions and give it to those in need, such as a mother who doesn't have to decide whether she starves herself so her children can eat.

Is it the same for people who lose their jobs?

Employers choose to keep them or let them go because of how the company is performing or lack of performance. A person doesn't decide that they want to mess up their internal world with an external decision of a job cut.

This person does have the free will to decide if they want to leave a job or not. Many have the same free will but don't make that choice because of the repercussions to their internal world.


A positive collective

There are those like me who are empathetic to their fellow human being, we don't like suffering and we don't like seeing others suffer. The weight of the injustices of the world feels heavy on our shoulders and we desire for the world to change sooner rather than later.

Even though we know that it will take some years before humanity shifts.

While others worry about the future, I worry about the problems now. We don't want to save everyone, but we want everyone to feel safe. We want to have a sense of living now in the years we are living not surviving the years we have left.


Final Thoughts

I don't want to fake my way into positivity if I feel powerless and hopeless to change and my external is bearing down on me, or I feel stuck.

Neither do I want to use positivity as a bandaid, especially if I want my external to change. It is more than positive thinking or feeling positive if internally I'm not in alignment with my beliefs.

My internal is my energy, taking action, choices, and decisions that can help me shift me forward in the direction I want to go. Searching for the answers that feel good to me not because it's a mindset I should have.

Consciously we all need to choose if positivity is a tool that helps us grow. And, not formed as a belief that becomes law for everyone regardless if you feel aligned to it or not.

Regardless if a coach says it, a guru or an influencer tells you that your internal is a reflection of your external or that you are free it means nothing if it's not what you believe.

To be a multidimensional soul is learning about who you are, sometimes you will be in alignment other times you are working towards being aligned. How that projects from the external into the internal depends on us.


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