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Messages in Your Coffee Cup

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

How do fortune telling and developing your psychic gifts have in common?

dragon in coffee cup

Have you ever looked down at your coffee cup after making a cappuccino or latte and realised there is a message in your coffee cup?

Me neither until after my spiritual awakening, where I received messages in the form of symbolism, and have been appearing ever since.

You may call it old-school fortune-telling but this is with a spiritual twist.


What is fortune telling?

This phenomenon is also known as Tasseography. It can be done via tea leaf reading, coffee reading, using wine sediments, or also in splatters of wax. 

The method of this type of fortune-telling is done by seeing patterns, symbols, or images in the cup. 


When it first began

My first experience started about 18 months after my spiritual awakening. And when my psychic and healing gifts had begun to develop.

When I first saw an image of a dragon in my coffee (main image above). I hadn`t even reached the bottom of my cup, it was there in the froth, I thought that it was a fluke.

It was very exciting and mind-blowing at the same time.

 Now, years later I do find it humbling. I am grateful that I can encounter messages in this way.

When I receive these signs, it is usually when I am going through a tough time or when I’m feeling low and lost. And when I need that encouragement the most.

Other times when I am studying or learning about different deities such as Quan Yin or Lord Ganesha, I see them in my coffee cup (seen in the images below).

We have many guides that are with us during and after our awakening and are with us for a short time or a long time. Depending on what we need at the time.

lord ganesh in coffee cup

Developing Psychic Gifts

If you have experienced a spiritual awakening and also as a result, developed psychic/healing gifts, part of this discovery is that it also teaches you how you communicate through intuition or sixth sense.

As you develop these abilities, you may also learn which clairs are more developed than others.

For myself — my strongest clairs is claircognizance — clear knowing, followed by clairvoyance — clear seeing, and clairaudience — clear hearing. These are the 3 main ways I can receive guidance or messages. I also see a lot of numerology and animal symbolism.

When our intuition develops, a gift we all have by the way, it starts to strengthen becoming open channels. New gateways to other dimensions. It also strengthens our bond to the energy within and around us.

As you can see in the images below, the one on the left — my interpretation could be more than one, such as:

animal and tree symbolism in coffee cup

  • What spirit animal or symbolism do I need to be reminded of to get through this situation, or if this is a new animal totem that is going to be part of the path?

  • Is there any symbolism for numbers, family etc?

In the image above, the one on the right— my interpretation could be :

  • Do I need to connect to nature more

  • Am I focusing too much on the details of a situation and need to step back and see the big picture.

  • You could even use the “cant see the forest through the trees” analogy.

The unique thing about fortune telling in this way is that the message is open to interpretation.

Even though the message I receive is for me, if I showed the same message to someone else, they could “see” it differently and have a different interpretation. Neither is ever wrong.

Sometimes when we are experiencing a lot of stress or trauma, we find it hard to hear guidance in the way we normally would. The spirit team on the other side will find other ways to communicate to you in a way they know you will understand.

Or if you are being exceptionally stubborn — like myself (ha-ha), the images are usually the last resort to get my attention, and yes it works. But this doesn’t make me special or unique. I had to learn to develop and strengthen my abilities.


How to decipher your messages

What do you do if you feel you are getting messages but are not 100% sure?

You can ask your guides to send them in a way you feel would understand. Such as sending you a feather of a certain colour, animal symbolism, or numerology. They may not know unless you tell them.

After you get clarification, it is a matter of being aware of your surroundings, paying attention to what you see or feel, being still, and practice to strengthen your clairvoyance and intuition.

You can research the different types of clairs and see what resonates with you, then learn about them.

Journalling is also a great practice where you can just scribble and let your mind wander, clearing room for messages to come through.

Some people find this way is easier to receive guidance. I find it much easier to decipher others' drawing, symbolism, and light language, all of which uses my clairs to ground the message into 3D than trying to make sense of my own.

Lastly, there are psychic development circles or classes that can guide you and help strengthen your gifts.

image in coffee cup

Final thoughts

Don`t forget to check your next cup of coffee or tea, you never know who is trying to communicate with you. Remain open, and don`t assume. Allow the guidance to trickle through.

Use discernment if you are receiving a message for someone else.

This does occur especially after the passing of a loved one or you have a gift with mediumship. Please use your heart and soul in these situations and be mindful of passing on information. Not everyone is open or ready to hear what the message or guidance is.

I would love to hear your impressions of the images in this story. Let me know in the comments.

If you have any images or unusual symbolism that you can't make sense of, send me an email and I may be able to help you decipher the message.

Final thoughts


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