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3 Things Awakened Souls Need To Hear Today (And every day).

Updated: Jan 10

There are many things awakened souls need to hear, read below for the 3 most important ones

women dressed up as an angel black wings and feathers
women dressed up as an angel black wings and feathers

Here are the 3 things awakened souls need to hear that will help guide you on your path of awakening

First Reminder:

Your RE-EVOLUTION (as I like to call it) takes years. Don`t be in a rush to change overnight. And moving too fast with the process even though some days can be painful, you question your incarnation and your sanity will only set you back later. It has taken a lot of your spirit to get to where you are today. All of that, the good and the bad, is the essence of your soul and your genetic blueprint. There are days I have felt like I am running out of time. Even very recently where I am having flashbacks of my past. Then the regrets sneakily follow in behind and before you know it, you're hitting a slump and feeling depressed. Our incarnations at this time, are our re-do… The re-evolution of your soul-being to doing the best you can every day.

Second Reminder:

No one said you can't live your life if you were not all healed. okay well, maybe some yogi did ages ago… Heal as you go, grow as you heal I say. I feel this is a very outdated/new-age mindset or concept that we are still fed today. The way to get around this, or through this, which is even more ideal is to build awareness. Acknowledge some parts of ourselves are going to be harder to overcome because of the trauma attached or failed experiences. I too, push things down, my head deep in the sand. But I know when the time is right, and I am ready I will again — do my best to unravel the mess I have made and work towards repairing my heart and soul.

Third Reminder:

We get told we have to meditate, sit in the lotus position, chanting…yeh nah. I feel it is another outdated belief. It has been through my experience that if I chose to do something creative, that's mediative for me. Very rarely do I sit in meditation. Only when I connect to those on the other side of the dimensions and planes. Usually what works for me is having a cup of coffee and sitting in the sun, listening to nature and my surroundings. I wrote another story on this topic of other ways to meditate, you can find it here:


There are many things we learn after we have a spiritual awakening, and, we try to master becoming multi-dimensional beings. Navigating how to live in an earthly body, while we are energetically tunning into energy and other dimensions.

The world around us changes constantly, as do we.

Growth is one of the few things that are constant in our journey. Experiences and life lessons are what fuel this growth within us.

Next time when you are feeling anxious, depressed or there is a force outside of you that is pushing you to be something you are not — most likely the ego, remember to take one step at a time.

The souls know the way forward, we just like to take different paths or change directions every now and then. Regardless, we always end up exactly where we are supposed to be.


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