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Why You Should Keep an Open Mind About Psychic Attacks

Is there a hidden truth about psychic attacks? and why I don`t believe in them.


We are collectively awakening at a greater speed than what we did 10 years ago or even 2 years ago.

Therefore the teachings and guidance we received over this period could no longer be relevant to the now and for ascension.

That`s not to say what was channeled from a higher source was wrong or there was too much ego in the information.

And, whether these messages are benevolent or not is up to each person to determine what is right for them to absorb and integrate into their spiritual experience here on earth.

Whether these messages are benevolent or not is up to each person to determine what is right for them to absorb and integrate into their spiritual experience here on earth.

It also is important to note that I don't believe one person's teachings are right or wrong, or that I am right.

I believe part of my awakening is to guide others and open the minds of others to what could be possible. Together with my natural curiosity about life and asking why we still believe in psychic attacks is a door I want to open and explore.


Spiritual overload

Once we awaken, we are sponges soaking up as much information as we can about spirituality. This same knowledge was what our mentors and teachers learned from their peers. The risk we can face with this is that we could just be repeating what we have been told in the last 30 years without any new awareness.

The difference now is that our spiritual evolution is moving at lightning speed. Information we are exposed to is what we absorb and add to our spiritual repertoire. Even more vital that it is in alignment with our evolution.

At this speed, we can`t always take the time to filter it. Without filters, my biggest concern is that we are not questioning enough what we have been taught all these years. More importantly, how it will affect those who are just waking up and those yet to awaken.


Keeping an open mind

I am of the belief that there are no psychic attacks from any dimension messing with our energy, putting thoughts in our head, depleting our energy, creating holes in our aura, or any other "powers" other energy forms have on the human being.

I am also an emotional Empath, it has been said that Empaths experience psychic attacks more than anyone.

Never once when my emotions have been out of control did I think I was being psychically attacked. It never really felt right to me that an energy force outside of me was attacking me resulting in how I was feeling or reacting externally.


Spiritual Wellness

Instead, I questioned whether I had been protecting my energy properly, this led me to further explore the doubts that had formed in my mind, such as…

Have I been practicing spiritual hygiene by shielding? clearing my energy field, my home, cutting chords? am I burnt out? or taking on too many emotions of those around me?

On a collective level, it leads me to wonder if are we nourishing our 7 spiritual bodies. maintaining good mental health, seeking practitioners in both Eastern and Western medicine to help heal our health issues.

Are we practicing self-care, supporting our physical body with exercise, eating the right food, and absorbing the right minerals to support our new light avatar?

Are getting enough sleep so we assist our etheric body as our DNA and cellular structure go under massive transformation as we receive light codes, new light energy, and downloads?

Finally, are we spending time strengthening our intuition, dropping into our heart space so we can hear the cues our bodies are sending us? Reinforcing the bond with our heart and soul knowing that all the love you need is already within you?


Taking responsibility

Spirituality to me means we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Rather than blaming them on something external when our focus should be internal and on our own wellness.

Isn't our awakening divinely designed to help us wake up, re-connect with ourselves not insert more distance between ourselves and our intuition by thinking we are being attacked?

Why are the symptoms we are experiencing externally trying to get our attention in the first place?

What are the stories the mind is trying to convince us, so much that it wants to have power over us, leading us to believe that these thoughts are not from the soul?

When we are confronted by our mirror, of course, we can feel attacked. I feel this is where the term psychic attack first came about. When we knew very little of our ascension.

What if the real truth of the matter is that we are not taking the time to slow down and acknowledge our shadow aspects? Seek out the parts of us that need acceptance and healing. When we ignore the signs it is the soul's final effort to wake up those dormant aspects.

In holistic healing, we look at the complete approach to healing mind body spirit, and soul. This is another reason I question psychic attacks. Could we consider this occurs due to blocks of energy, emotions, or otherwise compressed within the physical vessel with no outlet?

And if we decided to remove these blockages by working on our shadow self, would the life force of the individual flow in the body the way it's supposed to, and not cause any discomfort that would result in a so-called psychic attack?



The answer is quite simple, yet as humans, we make things insanely complicated.

It starts with awareness, and gaining awareness is part of the spiritual journey, the longer you are awake, the more work you do, and the greater the awareness.


Moving through it.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, the first step is to pause and take a few deep breaths.

Re-aligning the body by ensuring you are grounding and anchoring your energy. If the discomfort feels outside of you, call your energy back.

If you are a sensitive / empath practice visualising pulling your aura as close to the body. Shielding and clearing your energy daily will help also.

The second step is to ask yourself where this feeling/thought is coming from.

Not what the mind wants you to believe but what the soul is whispering. It takes some practice, this is where meditation and journaling can help streamline the chatter out of the mind.


Final thoughts

I feel, that if we are committed to our spiritual re-evolution as multi-dimensional soul beings, it is for our highest good to have an open mind and heart about everything we consume, now and in the years to come.

We are here at this time to embody who we are beyond our outdated beliefs and mindsets, this includes many historic spiritual teachings including psychic attacks.

As multidimensional soul beings, practicing spiritually and learning to expand our consciousness is one of the many gifts we have at this time of awakening.

By using discernment as our spiritual compass in what we listen, watch, and read our external noise will have little room to disrupt our energy.

This will assist in maintaining a consistent level of vibration and frequency needed for the path to ascension.


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