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Self-care Practices for Empaths to Manage Anxiety

5 helpful Ways to manage anxiety for highly Sensitive People

Throughout my life, I have dealt with anxiety and depression. Learning I was an empath was only confirmed after my spiritual awakening. It was communicated to me during one of my psychic development classes.

Discovering that I was an empath helped me understand that managing my anxiety had a lot to do with learning about life as an Empath.

I had to find ways to adjust to the new reality. Develop new methods to have as much stability and develop a deeper self-awareness.

Here are some of my top tools and remedies that I use as self-care practices for Empaths to manage anxiety.

  1. Meditation — I have learned that my form of meditation is when I can take 10 minutes or 30 minutes out of my day to do something that is just for me. It can be taking a nap, reading a few chapters of a book, or going for a walk. If I need more than half an hour and need a deeper reset then going to the beach with my dog for a few hours.

  2. Take a nap/resting — you can do this at any time of the day. If your mind is still racing, I recommend listening to binaural beats specifically 432Hz or 528Hz. There are specific tunes for anxiety and depression relief on YouTube.

  3. Spiritual Hygiene — As Empaths, we forget how expansive our auras are. They act as antennas and magnets for other's energy. I guide you to get into a routine of clearing your energy field daily. This can be done with a guided meditation before bed. When you are having a shower, set an intention for the water to remove all that is not for you and to be washed away. Clear your energy field or home with Sage / Palo Santo. Calling back your energy, chord cutting, and visualising placing your body in a protective egg is also beneficial.

  4. Creative Exploration — Doing activities that are classified as creative can also be grounding. Many times when we are feeling overwhelmed, we are also not anchored and grounded properly in our body. To remedy this take up a hobby such as gardening, painting, drawing, writing, cooking, and baking also work. These types of different outlets give time for the energy to move out of the body and give it somewhere constructive to go.

  5. Do nothing, or very little - Hard for many of us. At times it is being in the stillness that allows our energy time to relax. Even if it is for 5 minutes, a few deep breaths are great to re-center. Put a movie on or watch some comedy. We forget that we are most likely way past exhausted and remembering to stop a few times a day is excellent self-care.

Self-care for practices for Empaths and anyone who deals with anxiety benefit the body, mind, and soul. It helps to ease everyday stresses and balances the energy. It promotes overall wellness.

Remember being an Empath is a gift and not a curse. Even though we sometimes think otherwise. It is only one aspect of who you are as a multidimensional soul being.

Managing anxiety and being an Empath takes time and it took me years to learn how to balance my energy. Some days I spiral too. What is important is that you are compassionate with yourself on the days that you don`t have it all together. Honour yourself on the good days too.

I have learned to be self-aware. Throughout the day I check in with myself to see how I am doing and take every challenge, issue, thought, or mood one step at a time.

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