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Our DNA and Ascension Into 5D

Updated: May 17

The creation of a new multi-dimensional being and how does it affect Ascension into 5D?

earth multi coloured
earth multi coloured

If you have been consciously awake for some time, you may already be familiar with Ascension. Or, the Ascension into 5D.

And while it has gained popularity in the spiritual community, I do not feel it should be unreachable or a state of being that we can not meet in this lifetime.

Ascension is our collective consciousness awakening to a higher vibration accessed by higher dimensions, with our earth on a similar path.

Many decades to go before we see the changes, with our souls in the driving seat of our life as we drive our way forward.

The School of Life.

To those who may not be too familiar with the term ascension, let me give you some background and explain it.

Imagine a group of students in a big classroom, the room you are in, well on, is earth and is the school you go to to learn.

Here we spend our lives expanding our minds, gaining knowledge, and growing in the physical sense, but also emotionally and spiritually.

In this school, the soul undergoes a test at the time of incarnation to see if we will ascend to a higher dimension. How we live our lives will determine our future paths, all by the choices we make.

In this school, the students live life, and the soul chooses its experience. Lessons are experiences and, mistakes are lessons also.

This life experience nudges us to ask:

Will you learn from your life lessons?

Will you allow the soul to grow and evolve spirituality?

The soul needs life experiences to bring together knowledge, truth, and love. It drip-feeds vital nourishment to feed the soul to grow and ascend.

Changes to your vibration and spoken whispers to your DNA allow this to happen.

There are no deadlines for this school or choosing our life experiences. Unknowingly sometimes we select the lessons we want to learn based on the original agreement of our soul.

We may wonder, do we learn quickly from our lessons? What is the speed we have set for our souls to grow? Is it set on cruise control,

Or, are you changing the gears now and then?


My Awakening

My awakening was from two life experiences. One was a direct trigger and the other an indirect, but two very different life events.

They came together to ignite my awakening and, both happened around my early 30s.

The first was due to both my parents having cancer. My parent’s illness had become a trigger to how I approached my life, taking it for granted, and deciding later to take two months of leave off from work. I hopped on a plane and travelled and re-assed my life.

The other was when I attended a body, mind, and, spirit festival, which occurred a few years after my parents had recovered from their illnesses.

I had a conversation with a psychic intuitive, who told me of my psychic gifts and healing abilities, as well as becoming a writer.

From there, as they say, it's history.

At that moment, I began to awaken consciously. The discovery of gifts came as a complete shock, the world I knew was never the same.

Fragments of my soul came online, brought to the surface through my own life experiences.

My soul remembered, and my vibration began to increase.


How Do Our Paths of Ascension Affect Our DNA?

We have two strands of DNA and also strands of DNA that are dormant. As we awaken, and so to does the world, dormant strands will eventually turn on one by one, with twelve strands of DNA later to emerge.

How quickly this happens depends on our collective awakening.

Ascension is the spark that sets in motion for our dormant DNA to wake up, arise and reach those higher dimensions. Our soul is behind the steering wheel.

The physical body is the vehicle or the suit that holds the vibration, the DNA, and, everything else it requires to live and breathe.

Ascension also tells us that besides the DNA changing, so does the body.

Dense in cellular structure, our awakening transforms and the density dissolves.

Our carbon-based bodies will gradually become crystalline and provide room for more DNA. This process has begun progressing for some of us. The body can no longer be dense and heavy.

The body is preparing to hold a new light frequency and an increased vibration to reach the higher dimensions. Higher vibrations are created from love, not ego, while ego is heavy, the lower dimensions.

When we are awakening, our souls learn to attune to those three dimensions. For the majority of the time, our bodies can remain in 3D. Our soul’s frequency connects to the higher dimensions. Similar to the way our phones connect to 5G.

It is a frequency that your body will need to attune to, like re-tuning a guitar.

It is how the soul grows.

It chooses an experience that will awaken all that is asleep within you.

Redefining Your DNA.

The re-tuning gives you the connection to the different dimensions at different times. Depending on the activity the body and soul are doing.

The new active strands create a circuit of cells, energy, light, and love consciousness. They run individually but also together to hold and store information. More than they have ever held before.

DNA is a record keeper of all your emotions, good or bad. It is the story of your soul. The blueprint to your life’s journey. Your Akashic records hold the other part of your souls story.

The new strands of DNA are innate, and they are conscious.

It will guide the body to heal and repair itself when needed. When the time comes for our bodies to be attuned and ready, they will hold the highest light vibration of those higher dimensions.

They will hold the vibrations of the universe. You will become connected to all that is. As you are now but in a more profound and blissful way.

Our DNA will then activate.

Creation of a New Multidimensional Being.

The soul creates a new story, seeking connection to every cell within you and every living and conscious being outside of you. Your experiences in life act like an antenna for the soul that receives and sends out information. The same as a tv antenna links to our chakras in the body and our aura.

Telepathy is already possible for some souls meeting in the ethers, while Astral travelling happens for others in the dream state.

New strands of DNA will bring forward many out-of-the-world gifts for the collective to experience. A grand transformation.

Brand new and emerging strands of DNA will open the spiritual gateway to the other chakras that have remained dormant. All singing in chorus, with the 4th 5th, and higher dimensions.

Chakras 1 to 7 are the basis of the 3rd dimension, chakras 8 to 15 belong to the 4th dimension, and chakras 16 to 22 are where they reside in the 5th dimension.

An orchestra comes together to perform. To be on show and the performance is your new life as a higher vibrational soul.

Not a person, soul!

The newly upgraded version of YOU emerges.

You become multi-dimensional.

Many facets of your new being are like the facets of a quartz-pointed crystal.

Reflecting your soul and shining its brilliance.

Radiating a higher light vibration for others too, so that they one day awaken also.


Authors Note: It is my spiritual perspective of our DNA and our ascension. It is based on my life experiences. I channel this guidance from higher sources. In no way does it goes against science or what google may prove otherwise. It is information my soul wishes to bring forward, to guide the collective forward, on their paths and offer guidance with love.


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