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Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

A summarised guide on symptoms you might experience after a spiritual awakening


Through each wave of our awakening and the planet's ascension, the list of awakening symptoms shifts and changes. And the degree of what we feel in our energy system is very different from when I had my spiritual awakening in 2015.

Now, it is much more intense, with little rest between shifts and solar storms. The changes in our physical body are more noticeable, while our cellular and DNA structure is clearing karmic and past life memories and trauma.


Collective Awakening

And, as more and more souls awaken, it is rapid and not so much a long drawn-out process, depending of course on the souls and higher self's direction.

Besides those factors though the speed of the collective and how much the desire for a new earth is present, the jumping of timelines is a considerable jump. We collectively change the direction of the way this train of ascension is heading.

Therefore, the "symptoms" are more pronounced and I feel, are a greater reflection of the imbalance of the "chi" the way the energy is flowing around the body which it shows to us as a dis-ease in a health-related issues or unhealed/repressed trauma.

This list of the most common spiritual awakening symptoms is what I personally have experienced and noticed in my clients in sessions.

  • Fatigue

  • Waves of heat and the opposite body chills

  • Digestion - Heartburn, Gas, Burping, Nausea

  • Pain in the body - bones, joints, muscles and organs

  • Migraines, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, or feelings of low blood pressure

  • Appetite Changes - no desire for food or the opposite unsatiable appetite, including cravings for various foods for short periods of time

  • Vision - blurriness, unable to tolerate bright lights

  • Hearing - ear ringing, different pitches and tones, in one ear or both

  • Irritability, crying, anger/rage, anxiety, depression, little motivation.

  • Sensitivity to loud noises, light, and people’s emotions. Includes Empaths or highly sensitive people.

  • Lack of concentration and forgetfulness

  • Disturbed sleep and insomnia

  • Psychic gifts and abilities coming to the surface are no longer dormant

There are of course many more and some will be unique to you only.


There Is Help

I guide you during this time to seek support and guidance. We sometimes believe that an awakening has to be a solo adventure, and at times it asks for isolation to re-group and heal.

For the other times, seek out other like-minded souls to connect with, we are a collective of souls after all. If your symptoms are too much this is also where you can reach out to a holistic therapist to assist you in integrating your new cellular structure or support your ascension growth.


Final Words

The final destination of this train ride to ascension and the cause of your spiritual awakening is not because there is an end goal or purpose.

It is ongoing, its designed for growth and expansion, this is not only for the human, but for the planet and the collective. This incarnation is where we go to school.

We are learning what it means to become multidimensional soul beings while living here on this planet among outdated systems and beliefs, breaking free from who we used to be, to who we wish to become. I feel, forever evolving even after we move on to the next stage of our existence.


Health disclaimer — I am not a medical professional and do not offer medical advice, for any guidance please seek qualified professional help.

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