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The Birth of the Star Children

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Will the star seed children change our future and trigger the re-evolution humanity needs?

Women night sky pregnant stars
Women night sky pregnant stars

To understand what the Star Children are, why they are coming, and their purpose, we need to understand the part the way-showers have in the path of Ascension.

We can look at it as one giant puzzle.

Over time, this puzzle (humanity) has come apart. As we move forward, the star children and each wave are the steps we take to return as a collective consciousness, each soul belonging to their piece of the puzzle.

If one piece is missing, we feel it as we are all one consciousness.

Once the puzzle is completed, all the pieces are no longer separated, this is when the sense of belonging can be experienced on a soul level.


The three waves

The way-showers were the first souls to arrive in the 60-the 70s.

Their role was to begin the succession of the waves that would be following and birth future generations that would bring the second and third waves of souls.

In addition, they would also be responsible through the generations that followed them to bring the Indigo children, Crystal Children to Earth.

The late 70s to the late 90s was the second wave, again being responsible for future generations. This is also when the world started to change, and the minority of soul's awakening was increasing, although still not at the tipping point we needed for a global awakening. That came later.

The third wave of souls coming to earth was the birth of the first and second waves, which have been arriving since the year 2000, and many still arriving now as Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal children.

This third wave contains the most amount of souls that would awaken. More souls decided at incarnation to be here now to live and watch the re-evolution and be part of Ascension.

Others would come for a time and leave to move on to their next role, I believe as ushers for the rainbow and crystal children. Others took the roles of guardians to watch over us and reside in the higher dimensions or exist on other planets.


Old Souls and New Souls

Old souls commonly come in the first two waves, some arriving in the third. New souls are unique as they have only been here on earth in the last seven years with no reincarnation.

This is when we began to talk more about awakening. Wayshowers documenting their visions and versions of what our future global shifts would look like. Chanelled a deeper understanding of what indigo is and further information followed about the rainbow and crystal children arriving and yet to arrive.

Soon we began to hear about crystalline frequency, energy shifts, upgrades and downloads, solar storms, and the Schumann resonance intertwined with parts of our paths.

We also gain more awareness of the ascension process would affect our physical bodies. The discovery of more chakras and dormant DNA. Energy and its healing capabilities, deeper integration of our heart space, and how to live multi-dimensionally while having a human experience.

By the third wave, both old and new souls were coexisting, and in 2015, the tipping point of the souls needed to trigger the awakening started, and what we experience today.

The significance of the third wave is important because, in this wave, souls will awaken overnight or instantaneously, compared to those in the first or second wave. Their awakening, as I had myself, will occur over several years, and may or may not necessarily be later on in life, only when the soul decides or after a traumatic event.


Who are star children?

Star Children evolved from the term starseed. Depending on who you talk to, some believe they are separate from the Indigos.

Possess an inner calling, a greater purpose, and feel a deeper connection to our origins in a home that was not of this planet. Come from the families of the stars constellations such as Lyria, Arcturians, and Sirius.

I feel that there are characteristics in all-star children that may overlap with those of the Indigos. For example, I hold characteristics of both starseed and Indigo. It doesn't make one better than the other. The purpose is the same, to help shift humanity.

Their incarnations began from 1978 to 1998 for the Indigos but also before this date. They might be Gen X and millennials. Crystals from the year 2000 onwards, and Rainbow Children, from the year 2000 onwards also, and for most of them, arriving here has been in the last seven years and will continue to do so.

Each has its characteristic, not entirely different from the other, yet still connected to all three waves.


Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Souls - what is the difference?

Indigo`s and Indigo Children - The rule breakers

1970`s, 80`s, and until the late '90s.

Indigos are called this because of their aura which is a deep blue or purple. Highly intuitive, Empath, and/or Highly Sensitive People.

Tend to have a lot of karmic healing from past incarnations while they are here on Earth. Many also are healers and psychics with developed Clair`s or clairvoyance.

They challenge the status quo and show us how to move through limited beliefs and perceptions of self. Show those that follow how to be multidimensional.

Deeply connected to Gaia. They take on responsibilities to be caretakers for the planet by doing the groundwork of clearing lay lines, activating earth chakras, and clearing karma from the grids of the Earth. They may be Grid workers or keepers, working closely with nature, animals, and crystals.


Crystal Children

The year 2000 and onwards

These children come to Earth with a clarity that we have not seen before. Acting as reflectors by showing us different ways to live, shattering what we think may be true about the universe and ourselves.

As time goes on, our connection to the crystalline grid will deepen, their energy helping anchor us between our new crystalline body and the grid with the ability to connect to higher dimensions with our vibration.

They may have different colour auras and are not limited to white or lighter colours are sensitive souls, sensitive to environments and their surroundings, and prefer to be outside or in nature. Be amazing healers and psychics with their Clairvoyance - a clear vision to help others as they can see what others can not.

Rainbow Children

The year 2000 and the majority so far since 2016 approximately.

New souls are what many of these children are. No past lives, no karma, and already know how to do things beyond their years.

Their auras are a rainbow of colour and a glitter edge to them. They are a mix of old and new souls and can recall their past lives in great detail.

The majority are new souls with no past life or karma, without the weight of the past can move forward with ease. They are the new earth builders, here to create futures having no limited beliefs or trauma holding them back, living in the moment.

Their energy system, chakras, and energy are all in harmony and balanced, their rainbow energy oozing positivity to everyone they come in contact with. Their only purpose is to shift humanity to the new Earth.


Final Thoughts

It's important to remember that what we label ourselves is a human concept and should not define who we feel we are if so-called characteristics say otherwise.

Only the soul knows what is true and what is not. Anything beyond this results in being no longer aligned with our truth, venturing further away from our path as multidimensional soul beings. The lesson for all of us is to recognised our essence, a unique signature with free will to live as we choose.

The children that will and are coming here to Earth have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. It is also our responsibility to nurture them and give them a safe space of no judgment.

They are and will be the teachers of the new earth, here to light the way of the future and out of the darkness of the past.


If you have a child that remembers a past life or reincarnation or another memory, I would love to hear from you and share your story for a book I am writing in the near future...all contributions will be credited with your permission, of course, please get in touch if this is something you feel guided to explore.


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