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Will the Awakening of Humanity Trigger a Global Purification?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

New York city busy people
New York city busy people

Right now, the collective is on a path of ascension, an awakening of humanity that has never been seen before. Gaia, the earth in which we reside, her home, is ushering us forward with a mix of urgency, determination, and love to become one with her.

An individual who is an awakened soul has their own path.

For those who are awake to their multidimensional spirit - their paths have not been easy, challenging would be an understatement. They have also chosen to walk alongside those who are currently still "asleep" to be there and assist when they do wake from their slumber to walk their own path as an awakened soul.

As a collective consciousness, the time we are living in now is incomparable to anything we have seen so far in our lives. We are having many experiences with many external factors. Society as we know it is attempting to try and break free from the chains of control, created many years ago to keep us in a place of fear and in low vibration.

Disillusioned with our governments, leaders in power, financial and pharmaceutical institutions, religious organisations, and many more, their greed and egos are like a fire that needs to be fed to keep a light while our souls remain in the dark.

We remain working to live for our student /bank /mortgage/car loans in hope that it all makes our life richer while we remain poor in our hearts and soul. Only to make those institutions rich and dependent we are keeping them financially alive, while we try to comprehend how this is even fair. Enslaved by our way of living.

Is this living or just existing?

In the background, lurking in the darkness hidden away from our daily reality is violence, child trafficking, record levels of poverty, hunger, and famine manifesting on epic scales.

Our oceans are polluted and suffocated while our forests unable to breathe are destroyed for mining or polluted and stripped bare of what it once was only to serve a selfish outcome- more greed.

A monetary system that has no real value except the value; or the inflated value we give it is in many ways wrong but continues to be inflated and out of reach even though it doesn't make any sense and those who are just trying to live are only just surviving.

We are forced to follow and accept what we are told we must do, while we are divine sovereign beings that really belong to their own divine self.

That is changing, we are no longer wanting to be part of a world that has forces greater than ourselves or wants us to be. We are longing to be free. Watching mainstream media for one day will show you fake news if you can open your eyes to the games they play in keeping all souls in fear and negativity. Stories that have become their own blockbuster movies you would see on Netflix.

As humans we are changing too, we are giving more energy to evolving and growing, living and breathing from the heart rather than the ego. Understanding our own energy and taking more notice of others' energy and how we are affected by it.

We are taking a natural approach to building our homes and healing ourselves by feeding our bodies with nature's natural remedies and resources. We are healing our souls by slowing down, meditation, and creating a better work-life balance, as well as living a higher vibrational existence. We are incorporating natural therapeutics and therapies with our healing regimes.

We are fed up, humanity is fed up, but times are a-changing as Bob Dylan once said.

During an emotional purification we release anger and frustration we scream and cry, and we find a way to move through our emotions to finally see the light and the end of all the heartache. We shed what we no longer need or what serves us.

We find a new way of living that resonates with peace within our hearts and soul. We begin walking a new path, we evolve into divine beings of light.

We want more for ourselves and for humanity. Collectively we must go through this cleansing. Can you feel the change deep within?

Yes, there may be fear and uncertainty for we are to trust the unknown and that is frightening but if we shift our consciousness to one of love not fear then it will be amazing.

A new world awaits us all.

Our collective consciousness must shift into a better way of living, no longer staying divided or living in a place of fear as that is exactly what they want you to be. To keep you held back without knowing how divinely created we each are.

We are divine beings, infinitely abundant, co-creators with the earth, pure vessels of love, filled with source energy that comes from the highest vibration - pure divine LOVE

A new collective consciousness awaits…

A new being of consciousness is ready to be explored


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