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How To Strengthen Your Affirmations With Intentions.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

What makes them effective? Do they really work?

women standing in prayer meditation
women standing in prayer meditation

Affirmations have been around for some time. Most people believe they work. It is not to say that they do not. With many suggestions on how to make them most effective. The two most common beliefs are, you must believe in them and that repetition is key to giving them long-lasting power

While that may feel true for some people, I feel we are missing a crucial step. And, I am not sure if repeating is that beneficial.

This is why...

Affirmations are not the direct fix to the problem. Usually, there is an underlying belief or issue that the subconscious and the body have stored and retained that needs to be healed and released.

I agree with what Louise Hay taught us years ago, pain within the body connects to an emotion in the body. It is not until that emotion is dealt with or released can the body aid in healing.

I also want to mention that through my own experiences, sometimes a soreness or inflammation in the body is just that, then results in an injury. In other ways, there may not be a direct cause, but an indirect cause.


So, How To Strengthen Your Affirmations With Intentions?

I wanted to test the theory on myself today. Do the affirmations really work? In the past, I have not been a fan of them, and their repetitive nature of them, for an x amount of times, gets a bit dull.

It is my belief, that the body and soul hear us and listen all the time. Repeating affirmations may not really make a difference. They may not bring much relief to the situation you find yourself in either.

In my experience of holistic healing, it is the initial instance of trauma, emotional, mental, or physical trauma the body first absorbs. If there is negative and/or repetitive stress on any of these that continues or repeats. The body absorbs this energy and the block in the body increases in size.

Recently I have been under a great deal of stress.

I know that my body stores emotions like worry, fear, and stress in my body. And, depending on which side of the body I am feeling pain, will it then guide me in knowing what its cause may be .

For example, discomfort in the left side of the body is female energy and comes from a past life or experiences. The right side is male energy from this life and something that is occurring in the present.

To use me as an example: both my thumbs are sore and quite painful. The pain and discomfort extend down my thumbs and to my wrists. For some background, I know this is not just an emotional cause but also physical, a bit of overdoing and wear and tear on the body. The body has to release the energy within the body somehow.

In my right wrist, I had a fall a while ago, and I landed on my wrist. I also write and type with my right hand and have already had swelling in my wrist that required steroids. Also, I have been undertaking a lot of chores over the past months to get my house ready to be sold and clean every Saturday for open homes.

Also, a lot of food prep for my dog as she has health issues and requires a special diet. Throw in some passive scrolling for hours on my phone when I am stressed. I know not all of the discomfort is energetic and physical. To heal correctly means I need to tackle both.

To attempt to relieve the inflammation, I have been self-medicating. Use heat packs, creams, and a supplement. All of these remedies have helped me greatly, but the pain is still ongoing.

The left side has only recently become painful. Leading me to believe that there is now an overwhelming issue that needs a resolution as soon as possible, as it is in both hands.


In my experiment, I looked up the emotional cause behind the thumb pain - which relates to the mind, especially worry. Well, this is no surprise. I have been worrying about how to pay monthly expenses and the fear that my apartment will never sell, which would solve all the financial issues I am facing—one of the many reasons why I am selling.

The affirmation for the emotional cause in my thumbs is "my mind is at peace". Initially, this did not sit right with me. My mind was not at peace, and neither has it been. So why would I pretend? Say an affirmation and hope it will magically work.

Knowing this approach may not be enough. I went beyond worry and fear. I found anger - lots of it, frustration, and sadness with the current state of my life. I gave myself the time to ask myself why. Why was my mind not a peace?

I now understood the emotional cause, as my intuition and the body did not resonate with the affirmation I was speaking, and told me that being at peace required further clarification.

Minutes followed, and I reflected on my life and what made me angry and frustrated. I spoke up and verbally released my pain. I kept peeling the lays of this anger. The sadness and frustration now had a safe space for release. Finally, I was speaking up about what was causing me such distress rather than keeping it bottled up.

I realised that I wasn't okay. What I needed to happen - selling my apartment is not in my control, even though the waiting in frustration is. Recognising that this still angered me, I will continue to work at it. Was I angry at someone male or female in the past or currently that I could release? I noticed where that came up in my life and acknowledged it also.


Intentions with Affirmations

The next step was creating an intention. As I did not know the direct cause at this moment or my intuition did not alert me to this, this is what I said out loud.

"If there is an emotion stored in my thumbs, hands, or wrist that has been caused by any emotion or trauma, in this life, in a past life, and anyone that I have been in contact with, to please help me in releasing these emotions that no longer serve me, permanently. Thank you."

I also continued to repeat during the day the affirmation: My mind is at peace. I noticed how my body feels every time I say it.

Has this experiment worked? Yes, it's better. Is it totally resolved no? It has definitely improved. The affirmation gave me the answer I needed to start healing myself. It guided me further explore those emotions.

We can not lie to our bodies with fake verses of affirmations. It just won't work if we don't try to solve the emotional causes.

What Can You Do Today To Start Healing Yourself?

  • You can begin by researching the emotional cause in the body. You can do this with Lousie Hay`s books or googling "what is the emotional cause/pain for XXX".

  • After reading the explanations, see if it feels in alignment. Notice if your body is saying yes, or no. What emotions are coming up from me right now? You could go a step further and see which side of the body it is occurring, then you can address the issue. It can be done with journalling if you prefer to write out your emotions, verbally works too.

  • If you are familiar with Ascension Symptoms, solar flares, and storms can bring upgrades and downloads to our multidimensional crystalline body. Integration of new codes means old energy has to be released, causing discomfort in the body. This may be an indirect cause, as it is a cellular change to our DNA and part of our awakening.

  • Make an appointment with an energy healer, kinesiologist or emotional code practitioner, or any other holistic practitioner that understands energy blocks to help you remove the emotions from the body.

  • Get an opinion from a licensed medical practitioner. Issues may also require medical intervention while you focus on resolving the emotional cause. I believe that western medicine can work wonderfully with holistic medicine.


Final Thoughts

Affirmations and intention setting are doubly powerful to get you back to feeling better if you can use them together. You may find one or the other is more suited. Neither way is right nor wrong.

Sometimes our own stubbornness can delay our healing because we tell ourselves we don't have time or the energy to repair what may be causing us emotional distress. Myself included. I have a fair threshold for putting up with discomfort before stopping and doing something.

Pain is the body`s last attempt to tell us that something is wrong and requires attention. And yes, sometimes our external stress can leave us feeling very overwhelmed to the point we almost give up and put up with it all for too long.

I guide you in taking the first step in acknowledging the pain. Take the time to focus on your healing for a few minutes out of your day. The body listens, whether it hears affirmations or intentions. Our cellular structure and DNA record everything.

Erase all the old emotions and energy and replace them with healing in whichever way feels right for you.

  • Medical Symptoms Disclosure — symptoms mentioned are based on my observation and experience in my own ascension process. If you are concerned about your health, please seek medical assistance or a qualified professional.

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