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Is Ascension the Reason Why Time is Speeding Up?

Understanding its Effect on Spiritual Awakening

Have you noticed disturbances when it comes to time? either it moves really fast, hours disappear, or slows down entirely, and only a few minutes have passed. This is a common occurrence that many beings on Earth have noticed, regardless of whether they are awake or not.

Those who have awakened know that time is only a construct of man's invention. It doesn't exist in the spiritual realms or higher dimensions because it is about frequency and vibration.

We are here as multi-dimensional soul beings, living in 3D on this incarnation journey. Navigating how to resonate at higher vibrations while we are still governed by time externally. Like, the time we wake up, go to work, make appointments, or go to sleep is on an external time schedule.

Imagine a world where we all lead our lives by our own internal clock and moods. It would be vastly different. When we know time is made up and our internal guidance system runs on a different frequency, it can make living multi-dimensionally very difficult.


How does time affect ascension?

The reality in terms of ascension - time doesn't affect it, it has nothing to do with it.

Our frequency and vibration are constantly being upgraded every time we do shadow work, soul healing, or remove limiting beliefs and patterns. We are moving faster energetically and it will only get faster.

The lighter we get, will be due to the amount of work we do which is all internal so our guidance will not be able to be compared to an external factor such as time.

Earth is on her own path and does not evolve according to time, just energy.


The axis of the planet

When the first way-showers incarnated onto Earth in the 60s and 70`s the Earth's axis was in a different position than what it is today. There are many theories as to why this is happening and while we never know 100% of its accuracy and what the single reason why the planet is shifting.

I do feel what contributes to the movement of the planet is the role it plays in ascension and the earth's own time-line.

The point is time.

Some reports also suggest that as the axis shifts we will see significant changes in climate such as another Ice Age in the years to come. Others say we will see major flooding as the planet re-aligns as the planet tips over. While others say the earth's spinning will also cease.

If we compare the axis of the planet changing its direction, to childbirth, usually, the child has to move into position before it can exit the womb. The earth and those awake are spiritually going through a rebirth. A renewal to move to the frequency of 5D and higher (eventually). The earth has to get into its right position for all of us to ascend.

This journey that we are on with Gaia is a time-line. Within that, we have our own individual timelines based on our choices and decisions. Even though we still use time as a measure, we can't remove it from the ascension as it is part of the current and future experiences of the planet.


Time speeding up, is it connected to how we age?

It is believed that as we age time gets faster, and days and weeks move with incredible speed. As humans have been around for hundreds of years we have also evolved.

We have found ways to travel quicker such as cars rather than horse and carriage. Use technology to make connecting to others across the globe easier, and how we work with each other using tools to message and communicate.

Time seems it has been speeding up because we are more advanced now. Created human shortcuts to improve our lives so that we can spend time doing other important work.


Final Thoughts

We can never be certain of anything, just our own inner guidance. We can be here forever speculating if Ascension is the reason why time is speeding up.

We can't control our external, nor can we control time. We can, however, place our energy and focus on our own timeline and make the best of the "time" we have here.

Our awakening and our path of ascension are because we chose to wake up and create a new timeline that helps us evolve and contributes to the re-evolution of Gaia.

Spirituality is about the now, the present right here. Working on the self now so the future is one we create, by spending the time learning and growing, doing the soul work.

There are others who use their time to help prepare the planet for those yet to arrive, these are the young souls who are arriving now, showing us what it means to go beyond time.

Tapping into their innate self, already awake. Pushing past the construct of time, and showing that it is safe to do so because the world they are exhibiting is one of the many time-lines they are living now.


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